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9 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Call Back Following a Job Interview

What agony you must have felt when you didn’t get a call back following a job interview! How professionally-looking you would have clad yourself! And though being a bundle of nerves and bated breath yet you were constantly assuring yourself that, “I got this.” Yet regrettably, you snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Ah! Enough of the sad talk. It’s time to reveal that what are the most likely unpleasant reasons that would have caused you to lose the opportunity. 

Even if you have been turned down or have believed that you have nailed it. However, if you didn’t then this guide is for you. It will lay down all the possibilities that made you dodge from landing your dream job. Hence, without beating around the bush, let’s get rolling.

The Top Nine Reasons Evidencing Why You Didn’t Get a Call Back Following a Job Interview

1- You Must Have Criticized Someone, Possibly Your Ex-Employer 

Badmouthing your former employer or anybody connected to you makes your personality questionable. Remember, it is you who is under scrutiny. The interviewer may be empathetic or amiable but they can end up judging you. 

They don’t know you personally and they aren’t aware of both sides of the story. Therefore, how hard you try to sound persuasive yet the result you are putting yourself at risk of failing the job interview. They might think you are a troublemaker, sympathy-gainer, or opportunistic. However, the best thing is not going for it.

2- You Didn’t Gather Enough Information About Their Company 

Perhaps you have hired the best graduate CV writing service in UK and your most awaited moments come to a halt. Because, Woah! You finally got your interview scheduled. Everything seemed so perfect and even the conversation went awesome.

Yet, you didn’t get through. Why? One of the basis could be that you didn’t know about the goals, products, services, or strengths of the company. You may argue, “I have a perfect skill set that they have required. How did it matter anyway that I don’t about their firm?”

Well, it simply forms the expression that you just randomly applied out of a bunch of places. And possibly you possess no knowledge of your work environment or tasks. 

Of course, you never want to pose this impression of yourself, hence do your homework beforehand.

3- Your Salary Expectations Were Out Of Their Dedicated Budget 

It often happens that your presumption about salary has been inquired about. It makes a person a bit uncomfortable and head-scratchy. Yet, he manages to utter what he thinks the best at that moment. However, the teams are allotted a specific budget for hiring for the particular position. Thus, if it goes out of their restricted one, then it becomes a reason for disqualifying you.

It is not your fault though but at times one gets enthusiastic to demand more than sounds reasonable. In those moments, one should take care.

4- You Didn’t Have Anything to Ask About Them At The End

What makes you raise questions about something? Particularly, when you know about that thing, right? Yes! That’s the point. Having no questions at the end of the interview strikes an impression that you’re disinterested in their company. Or worst, that you have come unprepared. This provides the interviewers with a feeling that you are not willing for the opportunity and take it non-seriously.

5- You Were Simply Not Who They Were Looking For

Although you would have directed while taking CV writing service UK everything about yourself and your expertise. And they curated the one that met your expectations and you thought the magic is working as you received a call.

However, sometimes people are picky and they have certain strict requirements falling on which are necessary. For instance, they might want a person possessing leadership skills and you turned out to be meek. Though you had the capability they needed a more resolute duo. Therefore, don’t get disheartened and try your luck elsewhere.

6- You Must Have Dispensed Unconfident Body Language

Body language speaks about your self-assurance and confidence. Valuing your physical communication is equally important as you are judged by your speaking skills to your educational background.

It is an unspoken language that helps in interpreting a person’s moods and emotions. Now you can self-assess. That is if your body is shaky and your fingers are fiddling; what image they will create of you in their minds?

7- You Seemed Like An Undetermined and Unenthusiastic Person

Do not appear disinterested and carefree. Give them a reason to keep you other than what almost every applicant has. Your communication skills will make you look at how much you are eager for this position. You are not supposed to exaggerate or persuade.

You may talk about your goals and perspective and how can they benefit their firm or bring remarkable changes. Your personality should be engaging so that they get motivated to know about you. In short, impress them and give them a memory. That is, even if they are interviewing other applicants, they have you at the back of their minds.

8- High Competition

Some industries are packed with huge competition among aspiring candidates. Here it gets a little hard to be on the crest of a wave. Often the highly skillful and experienced ones take grab away the job offers. However, you must vie no matter what. It can be the case that you will not be able to get the position but you will get placed in the employer’s good books. He might save your details and contact you in the future.

9- You Didn’t Observe Punctuality

Maybe to you, it looked pretty trivial yet on professional terms you have committed a huge mistake. Arriving late will not only define your personality but also adversely impacts your meeting.

The punctuality trait wholly implies that the individual is reliable, conscientious, and disciplined. And come on, who doesn’t want such responsible people in their workplace? Hence, provide them with this point as well.


You don’t need to abide by all the above-mentioned reasons. Maybe you must have qualified a couple or more of them and they considered you eliminating. Well, there is no need to feel low as you can re-apply with freshened zeal and potential. It is highly advisable to adopt these before your next interview so that you can outshine and assert to them that it was you who they were hunting for!

There is another powerful piece of advice that sometimes instead of self-blaming you must ponder on other likelihoods as well. Such as it happens as directed in this quote by Ernie Johnson, “A lot of times the interview relies not so much on the interviewee, but on the interviewer.” Therefore, keep striving and rectifying your shortcomings, and shortly you will see yourself making a comeback.

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