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9 Best Sims 4 Clay Hair CC

The Sims 4 is a free-to-play title in the family of all of these Sims games and is set to become one of our favorites because it has an excellent story. It has also got an amazing collection of costumes that will help you dress up as any character of your choice, whether it be Princess Luna or her twin sister, Luna Lovegood.

Nowadays, girls love to wear makeup and try new makeup looks. So let us explore what makes this game different from others by using their beautiful hair! How do they look? How much hair do we see?

The main difference between the other Sims games is its ability to dress up just about anything for you. You can choose how big or small your hair is, and have the power to alter it whenever you like. With the Sims clothes menu, you can customize your hair to fit any character you want to look like, no matter if you use another Sim. Not all features are available. Here I have gathered some of the Sims 4 hair mods CC.

Polly Hair Clayified:

This hair made the Sims a very unique person. After watching her style, the girls’ confidence increases and they feel very confident being themselves and wearing medium hair for an entire day. Polly’s hair features medium length, hardly reaching the shoulder. It is a fabulous hairstyle that gives a perfect look to your Sim.

Naira hair Clayified:

This is one of the best hairstyles that gives a wild and lavish look. This hairstyle can be customized and gives a modern look. The hair hardly reaches the shoulders with a layered cut. The edges of the hair are not detailed; they have a rough texture. The hairstyle comes in 16 different colors, and you can choose any of the colors for your Sim.

Lillith Selena Clayified:

One of the most gorgeous hair mods in the game. If your Sims is going to a party or any event, then this hair is the best option. The best thing about this hair mod is that it can be used for both male and female Sims. You can wear hats with this hairstyle. Long, messy locks are placed in front from both sides of the head.The hair comes in different colors and all the colors are funky and natural.

Jungkook Hair Clayified:

If you are a K-pop lover and want to have that hairstyle, then you are at the right place. The Jungkook hair will give your Sims an attractive and stylish look. This hairstyle is only for male Sims. The clayified version will make your male Sims outstanding. Most of the hairs are placed on the face, covering the face of the Sims.


If you want to start making changes in your appearance, if you want to change what’s on your head, it’s not hard to tell who you are or how you look in general. Ade-Marin is the perfect hairstyle for your female Sims. The hair features a long, gorgeous haircut. The hair is parted from the center to give your Sims a stylish look. This hair comes in different colors.

NightCrawler Crow Hair:

Another wonderful hairstyle in Sim 4. The design and texture of the hairstyle are just mind-blowing and amazing. The hair features layered, medium-length hair hardly reaching the shoulders. More hairs are placed on the right side to give a more astonishing look to the Sims. This hair comes in different colors, but my favorite ones are blonde and red. These colors are just perfect for any event.

NightCrawler Runaway:

If you want a perfect look for your Sims character, then you must have this hairstyle. The hair features long straight hair just perfect for a party. This gives the best appearance to any young Sims. But the hair works for Sims of all ages, from teens to the elderly. It comes in many different colors, so you can have any color that best suits your Sims. All the base game colors are perfect and they suit beautifully.

Anto-Puma Retexture Clayified:

The dreamy and most wanted hairstyle for your male Sims. This hairstyle deserves all the praise because it is done neatly. The hair features short hair. All the hair is placed backward. A few of the hair strands are coming forward on the face, which makes it perfect for your Sims. This hairstyle comes in 18 different colors. All the colors are natural and you can choose any of them for your Sims.

Crazy Haley Hair:

Every girl has a desire to look like a princess in her real life. Most of them will not be able to realize their dream, but Sims 4 Crazy will. Haley’s hair allows you to have a dreamy hairstyle and make your Sims look like a prince. The hairstyle features short hair hardly reaching the shoulders. The edges of the hairstyle are not clean; they are rough. A few of the hair strands are going backward while all the other hairs are open and placed in front. It comes in a different color. You can use any base color.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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