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We’re constantly searching for fresh perspectives that might motivate, educate, and have an impact on the baking community. We’ve picked together nine blogging experts with the breathtaking photos, delectable recipes, and original ideas to keep you inspired for years to come. They include foreign bloggers from Australia and India as well as American all-stars from Alabama and Missouri.

Teresa Floyd provides eye-catching illustrations and fascinating narratives on a variety of topics, including peaceful mornings spent exploring the countryside and experiences on a sheep dairy farm. Now, Forager makes it simple to get lost, and you’ll be glad you did. Teresa, a former pastry chef who is now a freelance photographer and food blogger, bakes according to the seasons.

She can take you apple picking in a nearby orchard so you can make fritters, or she can take you to a farmers’ market so you can choose the perfect blackberries to top her lemon pots de crème with caramel (yep, you read that correctly). No matter if the recipe is for financiers, macarons, tartines, or tea cakes, Teresa goes beyond simply expressing her enthusiasm for it. She gives examples of why you would also enjoy it.

Sarah Fennel started Broma Bakery seven years ago as a way to save her mother’s greatest baking recipes when she was a homesick college student. Since then, it has developed into one of the most professional food blogs online. Sarah, who now devotes all of her time to the blog, uses natural light to photograph all of her meals in her little kitchen/studio.

Broma Bakery offers a large selection of recipes for breads and baked breakfast items, as well as cookies and even a separate section for doughnuts. It is simple to navigate and has a fresh, modern appearance. You could start salivating just by gazing at the screen, from Sarah’s banana bread with browned butter and a bourbon-fig swirl to her carrot cake infused with cardamom and topped with ginger frosting and a caramel drizzle.

The action in My Lavender Blues is intense. When Julia Calleo pours a glaze over vintage doughnuts or cuts into a batch of fudgy brownies, you’ll feel as though you’re right there in the kitchen with her thanks to her breathtaking, dramatic photographs. Julia’s voice is witty and joyful, which contrasts well with her gloomy and dismal photographs.

When commenting on Bundt cakes, the insatiable sweet tooth quotes Sir-Mix-A-Lot and asserts that “a pastry a day keeps the bacteria away.” Try as you might, you can’t help smiling when you visit My Lavender Blues. The Upside Down Apple Dutch Baby Pancake with whipped goat cheese and handmade granola is a must-try among her brunch recipes.

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