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8 Gorgeous Shoulder Length Hairstyles to Try Now


With shoulder length hairstyles, you can experiment with different styles and still look sophisticated. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are eight gorgeous shoulder length hairstyles to try now.

1) Wavy Lob

Short, wavy hairstyles are a great option for women with fine hair. The style is easy to maintain and looks cute with a variety of outfits. Choose between a lob (long bob), messy waves or beach waves. Be sure to visit http://www.hairstylery.com/shoulder-length-hairstyles/ your stylist every 8-12 weeks for an update!

2) Sleek and Shiny

Visit your stylist for their professional opinion. To get a more accurate idea of what hair length will suit you best, visit http://www.hairstylery.com/shoulder-length-hairstyles/ a salon and ask for help from a stylist. Plus, some salons offer complimentary consultations. This is the time to discuss hair lengths with the stylist so that they can give you an honest opinion about which style would work best for you and your lifestyle.

3) The Messy Lob

The messy lob is one of those chic hairstyles for women with long hair that will never go out of style. The haircut is very easy to maintain and perfect for the girl who doesn’t want her hair up every day. It can be styled in many different ways and is perfect for any occasion.

4) Tousled with Braids

This hairstyle starts with a deep side part and two braids on either side of your head. The hair is then swept back away from the face and pinned. A few loose strands of hair are left out at the front, which give this style a tousled look that frames your features beautifully. This is a great look if you’re looking for something easy, but still want to make an impression.

5) Pixie Bob

The pixie bob is a shorter version of the classic bob hairstyle. It’s a cute, versatile style that can be styled in a variety of ways, including straight and curly. This cut can be worn as is for a simple, casual look or styled with volume for a more dramatic effect. The pixie bob is very popular among celebrities like Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.

6) Blunt Cut

The blunt cut is an easy way to make your hair look longer. Ask your stylist for a graduated cut, and you’ll be able to choose what length you want on the bottom. If you’re feeling more daring, ask for a razor cut! It will create a choppy texture that will give off major rockstar vibes.

7) Side-Parted

If you are looking for a style that is classic and chic, then the side-parted look might be right for you. Side-parted hair is flattering on a variety of face shapes and can be styled in many ways. You can wear your hair down or curled, depending on how formal you want to look. Side-parting your hair will keep it out of your way while giving off an air of sophistication.

8) Soft Curls

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance style. Soft curls can be achieved with a curling iron and hair dryer, or by using the hot air from a blow dryer on the finished look. A great thing about this haircut is that it doesn’t require much styling at all, so it’s perfect for those on-the-go types or just lazy girls like me!

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