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8 Common Things Triggering the Anxiety

Being anxious is a mental health condition in which a person suffers from fear, worry, and tension. When anxiety is extreme, it also causes people to panic and, in some cases, there is also the symptom of chest pain.

Anxiety is a very common thing that can be caused due to various reasons; genetic and environmental. While a person who is already suffering from anxiety can have it triggered by the occurrence of some events, or experiencing something that evokes their emotions.

Things that trigger anxiety

Health issues

Health issues can be a major reason for a person’s anxiety, especially when the problem is severe. For instance, when a person finds out they are suffering from a chronic illness it might trigger the anxiety of the person at that very moment. However, it can be controlled by being in constant touch with the doctor and seeking counseling from the NLP trainer for learning how to manage the emotions and stay positive throughout the treatment.

Negative thinking

Everything that we think gets reflected in our bodies and actions. And anxiety is the biggest proof of it. Whenever we get frustrated about things, the self-negative talk can trigger the feeling of anxiety in us. However, you can get rid of this trigger by eradicating negative words from your dictionary, especially for yourself.

Saying positive things about yourself helps boost your confidence and self-esteem. The best way is to learn how to refocus the feelings and the language that motivates you to be your best. Getting in touch with a neuro-linguistic programming coach could be the right way to start positive self-talk.


Surprisingly, caffeine intake is one of the major reasons that your anxiety disorder is getting worse and worse. Coffee is something that many people use to open their eyes in the morning or to have before doing anything productive. As per the studies, people who are in habit of consuming caffeine suffer more from panic attacks and social anxiety disorder.

The best way to get rid of this trigger is by cutting off the caffeine intake and replacing it with something non-caffeinated which is also easily accessible.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals is not good for mental and physical health. The body’s blood sugar level drops when one doesn’t eat and it results in the rumbling of the stomach and hands to the jitter. And all this makes the person anxious. When the body is weak, it is vulnerable to getting anxious.

Having healthy meals is not only essential for mental health but also promotes good physical health. The body gets energetic when we have our meals on time and consuming the necessary nutrients keeps the blood flow normally.

Even if there is a situation, where you have to skip a meal you can compensate by consuming a healthy snack. It will help prevent anxiety, low blood sugar levels, the feeling of agitation, and nervousness.


Socializing can be tough sometimes and there is nothing wrong with it. There are situations when social gatherings can give us anxiety and that situation is diagnosed as a social anxiety disorder. But you just need to realize that you are not alone if you also feel out of place in social gatherings. It is a very common thing when thinking of interacting with people gives us tension or upsets us.

In such situations, you should try to surround yourself with the people you are comfortable around. If there is a social gathering you can’t avoid, you must bring along a friend so that you don’t get anxious around unknown people. s

Conflicts with partner

There are ups and downs in every relationship and there are lots of disagreements as well. But what we need to understand is relationship is not about all happy moments, there are disappointments also. There is no need to get anxious whenever there is something troubling us or our partner.

Instead, you can sit with your partner and discuss with them the things making you anxious and find a better solution together to reduce your anxiety.

Conflicts with others

The conflicting situation at work can trigger your anxiety when you fail to handle the situation. Conflicts are hard to sustain and not everybody can handle them. Some people get really anxious when there is any conflicting situation with a colleague or the boss. They can also suffer from a panic attack when the situation is about to arise.

In this case, you have to learn how to manage your emotions and handle the disagreements with your teammates or the people in higher positions.

Financial issues

Money is a big concern for many people. People usually get anxious when they think of ways to save money and how to pay their bills and so on. It is a big trigger that gives anxiety in many people. But somehow one has to learn the ways to manage this trigger. Expenses would always be there, so we have to learn how not to get triggered. Getting help from a professional can be a big help in this case.

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