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8 Best Alcohol Vendors: For Celebrating Life To Its Fullest 

Everyone has their own choice of spirits with personal flavor profiles and preferences. These drinks form an integral part of the celebration and make every occasion a special one. You can choose from Whiskey to Vodka to Tequila; the list is never-ending. Nowadays, you can choose your drink from many online vendors who are offering spirits from all over the world. They are also offering many kinds of cocktail kits, member clubs, and DIY kits, along with recipes. All the alcohol brands are reinventing themselves according to the needs of customers.

Many online vendors are selling spirits from popular alcohol brands. Their selection covers everything you might be looking for, from the big players to small-batch crafters. Some of the most popular drinks are Rum, Gin Whiskey, Beer, Tequila, Wine, Scotch, and many more drinks to get tipsy.

Let us run through some of the famous alcohol brands for enjoying life with these premium-quality drinks:

1. The Bar

The Bar allows you to celebrate life every day and everywhere with their premium selection of alcoholic drinks. They have over 200 brands and mark their presence in over 180 countries. The vendor claims to provide the best experience to customers and consumers around the world. As a matter of fact, their team of 33,000 employees around the world is on its toes to offer its best services.

They have a wide selection of Whiskey, Single Malts, Gin, Vodka, Liquor, Rum, Tequila, Liquor, and Beer. Some of the prominent brands are Johnnie Walker, White Horse, Gordon’s, Old Parr, Zacapa, Ciroc, Bell’s, and many more. 

The Bar promotes responsible consumption with their DrinkiQ initiatives, an educational and e-learning platform. Diageo institute promotes society’s conscious relationship with alcoholic beverages and supports communities.

2. Zero Zilch Zip

Zero Zilch Zip brings before you the world’s most carefully curated collection of no-alcohol experiences. They have a short and sublime collection of 62 drinks in total. Each of the products passes through the discerning palettes of our members in our expert panels. Furthermore, they give you the fastest, faff-free way to discover the delights of alcohol-free drinking.

These drinks are gaining popularity in a world of growing concerns around physical and mental health. Now you don’t have to feel sheepish at dinner parties or feel like an outsider in social situations.

They have an exciting collection of Beers and Ciders, Spirits comprising Dark and White, Aperitifs, Digestifs, and Liqueurs. Additionally, they have a premium wine collection of Red, White, Rose, and Sparkling wines. They offer Kombucha & Sparkling Teas, Bundles, Biscuits, and many more products.

3. The Cocktail Man

The Cocktail Man is an international brand that offers fusion drinks and potions to carefully concoct unforgettable experiences. They offer a three-month Tanqueray Gin cocktails subscription. Their cocktail kit comprises four generous cocktail drinks: Tanqueray Gin, Sliqueur, 4 Signature Garnishes, a Cocktail Recipe, and a postcard. The monthly cocktail kits contain pretty much everything you need.

The MidNight Spritz Cocktail Kit is great for celebrating special occasions and a very good gifting option in this festive season. The kit contains four cocktail drinks, namely, Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, Citrus Sliqueur, Edible Glitter, and Tinsel Sparklers. Above all, they also provide cocktail recipe instructions.

4. Elemental Irish Whiskey

Element is the first Open Innovation whiskey company that offers an alternative experience of Irish Whiskey for whiskey lovers. Their exclusive collection of Whiskey allows all whiskey enthusiasts to explore the standard. The brand focuses on even the basics, like the quality of the grain, water, and still casks.

Elemental’s whiskey catalog has whiskeys of three distinct flavor profiles. They are Fusion Series, Lore Series, and X Series. The Fusion Series is a perfect blend of top-quality Irish Whiskies that are from different grains, years, and barrels. In the right amount, they give an experience far better than the sum of its parts. On the other hand, the Lore Series draws inspiration from traditional Irish Whiskey. This line of whiskeys comprises Single Malt, Single Grains, and Single pot whiskey from Ireland.

Lastly, their X Series builds perfect coordination with other inspirational partner brands. They claim to develop and finish their whiskies in casks that had wines and beers. This mixing is done to develop an exceptional and intense taste profile to enjoy.

5. Tipsy Panda

Tipsy Panda offers DIY cocktail-making kits for all cocktail lovers. These canned cocktails match the quality of some of the finest bars. They give you a pre-measured kit that has everything you need to make splendid cocktails. Tipsy Panda’s cocktail kit ingredients are superior to most bars across the world. The recipes and flavors of cocktails draw inspiration from all over the world.  

The DIY cocktail kits recipe is created by a team of trained mixologists with real passion. Their main focus is on delivering quality products and premium service to our valued customers. Further, they not only present you with an opportunity to enjoy your cocktail but also inspires you to make unique cocktails. With their DIY kits, you can discover new ingredients, learn new recipes, and experience the taste of new drinks.  

6. Tastersclub

Tastersclub offers a curated subscription experience for wine and spirits lovers. Their main agenda is to Curate, Narrate and Deliver the best-quality spirits to your doorsteps. For their club members, they present a range of curated bottles for expanding your palate. Each month they share with you the story behind bottles, what makes them special, tasting notes, and cocktail recipes.

They allow you to purchase a club for yourself or gift them to your friend. Their online bottle shop permits you to purchase single bottles from previous features. This way, you can explore their growing collection of spirits. Some of their featured clubs are Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Wine, and Stock the Bar.

7. British Export

British Export is a prominent British Beer and Cider importer from Hong Kong. They are basically fine wine, English Ale, and Cider merchants. The vendor brings forth the highest quality beer and cider to your doorstep by cutting down the middleman. British export specializes in sourcing collectible wines with perfect provenance from various countries.

Their main aim is to provide the finest services to a broad audience of wine lovers, restaurants, private collectors, supermarkets, and other wine trade clients. They source their premium selections from reservists, agents, producers, and merchants from around the world.

8. Caskers

Caskers is a one-stop destination for treating yourself with its exquisite collection of alcohol. They are a popular spirit curator with an outstanding selection of exclusive and sought-after spirits that are hard to find. The members of the Caskers club allow you to restock their bars with their favorite bottles at an affordable price. You can find out some new spirits and support certain crafters and underrepresented small distillers.

Caskers offers you the best selection of wines and spirits that are perfect for gifting in this festive season. They have an easy-to-use bottle selection system where you get a recommendation based on a quiz.

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