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7 video testimonials and how to do them right to win trust!


Testimonials can help overcome the difficult obstacle of last-minute resistance while closing a sale. Prospects want guarantees that their money will be wisely spent, but no matter what promises you make to them, they won’t be as persuasive as the ones they hear from their peers. On the other hand, making client testimonials videos to appeal even more clients is a challenging task. Therefore, your company need to consult professional video testimonial production services.

What are video testimonials?

A description of a customer’s experience regarding a product, service or brand in video form is the simplest definition of a video testimonial. Typically, customers in a testimonial share how a merchandise or facility helped to solve a problem, made their lives easier or had a good impact overall. In place of a conventional text review, a video testimonial has a person describe your goods, its qualities and its benefits and provide user-generated video feedback. They work best to gather attention, invoke interest and build trust in existing and future consumers. The comment of real buyers in testimonial videos significantly influence new ones in their decision-making.

Video testimonials and how to do them right to win trust: 

A testimonial video is when a shopper recounts its delightful experience in video presentation. It is like praise of your good but in a more technical way. It discusses different aspects surrounding your product. A video testimonial service is employed to gather video testimonials from a company’s clients. Such a service significantly increases brand recognition. Here are the examples of video testimonials and how to do them right to win trust of millions globally.

1.       Video testimonials which allow customers to promote your brand in true sense

Whether you are advertising to potential customers or current clients, customer testimonials are unquestionably one of the most successful marketing strategies. Future sales are significantly impacted by your ability to communicate thoughts about your goods from independent sources. The majority of customers check ten or more reviews before making a purchase. Display testimonials which allow your existing customers to promote brand to potential clients in true sense.

2.       Video testimonials which provide some geographical context to your viewers

One of the main object of video testimonials is to sell your product through this marketing medium. Therefore, one of the first things we had in to keep in mind is that there is absolute need to provide some geographical context for the viewers. How stupid it will be to entice the population of New Mexico with geographical context of New Orleans? Thus, a good video testimonial maker considers surroundings while producing it.

3.       Video testimonials which are visually powerful and seek attention of users

One of the best types of marketing content – without any doubt – are testimonial videos. If you carefully observe the successful testimonial video example, you shall notice there are brand colors everywhere in it. If the product design of an item is red, there is higher probability that the color infusion are the shades of red as well. It is the level of attention to detail you need to ensure in order to offer a customer testimonial video that truly transforms users into consumers.

4.       Video testimonials that appear like opinions more than product endorsements 

Making a customer testimonial video that genuinely converts requires a certain amount of attention to detail. Decide to show the video testimonial as your customer opinions and notice the results instantly. The consumers need to feel that the person guiding them in the testimonial is ‘one of them’ instead of one of “company’s ambassador”. It is when the potential clients will check out the video testimonial and consider the view far more willingly.

5.       Video testimonials that don’t leave viewer wondering ‘what’s the point of it all?

video testimonials are an incredibly smart decision for traders to choose for their marketing as well as to build trust. All of these moving images provide information to the viewer, and testimonial videos are also a great example for encouraging people to take interest in a product, service or business. But t can actually get boring to just look at a person speaking for two or three minutes straight when you have little to no clue of the video theme.

6.       Video testimonials which strikes the right chords of consumer’s mind and heart

Building credibility and trust with your audience should be one of your key communication objectives. Customers want more than simply assurance that you can handle their problem; they want proof that you can do so more effectively than anybody else. This study found that regularly implementing customer reviews can increase revenue from each and every customer that interacts with your brand by 62 percent.

7.       Video testimonials that offer conversion-inducing content and information

All internet marketers ultimately want to turn visitors into paying customers, and video testimonials are excellent at doing this. These two categories of content must be used by so many content marketers for a reason: because they are effective. When you combine testimonials with videos, you have a marketing strategy that brings visitors to your website, boosts social media shares, converts visitors, and fosters trust.

8.       Video testimonials that convince potential buyers with numbers and facts

Consumers naturally trust each other more than they do advertising. Think about your own experience for an example. People are more likely to buy something that others have already purchased. Additionally, people are more inclined to believe in a brand that is well-known. Because of this, user-generated material such as reviews, ratings, social media posts, and other types of content has become quite effective at influencing consumer choices.


The most convincing and trustworthy communications don’t come from sales representatives or email campaigns; as smart marketers are aware of. They are purchased from happy clients. It does not necessarily follow that you are the most reliable source of information just because you think your company provides the best services and goods available on the market. The genuine endorsement of a consumer, however, triumphs over all other sales strategies when it concerns your company and its goods. When you merge this sort of social influence along with emotional impact of video, you develop the most valuable type of video content there is: video testimonials.

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