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7 Signs That You Need a New Ceiling Fan or Repair the Existing One

When the temperature hits the 40° mark in Dubai, life without an air-conditioner feels impossible. But the thing is, buying an AC is much easier than paying electricity bills. 

So a lot of people settle with ceiling fans as they prove much more energy-friendly compared to the latter. 

However, ceiling fans have smaller lifespans. Air conditioners can last for decades, but a ceiling fan delivers its best for the first two years.

If an issue is not given attention timely, a ceiling fan can present danger and even lead to pricey repairs. Do you suspect your ceiling fan needs some repair, or its performance is not up to the mark?

This post will shed some light on seven worth-noting signs indicating that your fan requires prompt attention– ideally replacing your old fan with a brand new one!

7 Signs That You Need a New Ceiling Fan or Repair the Existing One

1.Your Ceiling Fan is Making Unusual Sounds

No ceiling fan is designed to last forever. In fact, if your fan is being used for up to 10-12 hours a day, as it happens in the summer, it will develop buzzing sounds.

Moreover, sometimes blades make squeaky sounds and the sound persists despite oiling them. And then there are those annoying sounds with no apparent cause.

Here are some major reasons behind a noisy fan:

  • Dust and grime buildup
  • Grinding Rotor
  • Pull chain problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Improper installation
  • Poor design or defects
  • Loose blades
  • Imbalanced blades
  • Deformed or damaged blades
  • Loose light fixture
  • Loose mounting screws
  • Loose or damaged canopy
  • Loose or damaged motor housing

Whatever the case, investigate the root cause of such sounds. If the problem persists, it’s a safer option to replace your fan. 

2.A Shaking Fan – Never Ignore it!!!

Is your ceiling fan shaking? Man, the sight of it makes you feel anxious – what if it falls down on you when you are asleep? This is an alarming sign yet ignored by many.

A wobbling fan usually has three causes behind it:

  • Dust build-up on the blades
  • Loose screws that connect blades with the body
  • Misalignment of the blades

Clean your fan, tighten up the blade screws, and install new blades (if you think that will resolve the issue).

However, if you want to solve the issue once and for all, get a new fan. Usually, the cost of these repairs would be equivalent to the price of a new fan, so why waste your money experimenting with blades?

3.Loose Mounting Screws

When you were a kid, you used to wonder how could screws bear the weight of such a heavy fan? Will this fan remain hung like this forever? The answer is no, you have to regularly inspect these screws to ensure that they are tight.

Loose screws can also cause wobbling when a fan is running. It can be really noisy and dangerous too. Remove the canopy, rest it against the lower parts of the fan, and tighten up the screws.

4.Damaged Canopy

Though canopy is very cheap and is usually made of plastic, it’s rarely given any importance. In case you don’t know what a canopy is, it’s the same cover that protects the wiring and internal components of a fan. 

A damaged or loose canopy will vibrate against the other parts of the fan or the ceiling. So if a canopy is damaged, it can lead to a lot of noise. To put the canopy back in its place, tighten up the screws holding the canopy in place.

If it’s damaged and you are not sure how to replace it, hire an electrician from electrical services Dubai to fix it.

5.Damaged Motor

If your ceiling fan has stopped working, a likely cause of this breakdown is a faulty motor. Just make sure it’s getting the required current ( oops, how would you do that? Let an electrician check).

If everything seems OK but the fan is still not working, time to change your motor. And if your fan is older than a couple of years, we recommend buying a new fan. 

A new motor will cost you significant money, and who knows some other issue might emerge after fixing the motor. So the wise move is to replace the whole fan.

6.Pull Chain Problems

Most of the ceiling fans come with pull chains to turn them on/off and adjust the power level. But if the fan is imbalanced after a certain time, the pull chain will swing back and forth. Sometimes the chain hits the blades resulting in a clicking noise.

This too needs urgent attention. You need to rebalance the fan to solve this problem.

7.High Electricity Bill

You are out of luck if you have just installed a new fan and you are experiencing a significant increase in your monthly electricity consumption. The possible culprit here is your ceiling fan.

What can you do now? Nothing…just get a new one. But this time make sure you inquire about the average energy consumption so you can enjoy the fresh and cool air without worrying about the bills!

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