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7 Crazy Things You Can Do At Bachelor Party 

Parties are the ideal way to blow off steam, letting yourself go and forgetting the daily travails of life. Mingling with like-minded people, having a great time, and enjoying fun games and jesting are the essence of a great party.  

Marriage can undoubtedly be considered both a celebration and a hugely joyful life moment in someone’s life. Hence, it deserves not one but two parties. One to celebrate your bachelorhood before tying the knot, the other after the wedding ceremony to commemorate your present and future life with your partner. Bachelor parties fall in the former category.  

What is a Bachelor Party? 

Considered one of the preeminent pre-wedding celebrations, bachelor parties are different from other parties in the sense that they are a celebration of bachelorhood or singleness.  Traditionally attended by only men, this pre-wedding ritual dates back to the fifth century.  

However, with time bachelor parties have shed their explicitly masculine tradition and included anyone who’s an acquaintance of the groom. Bachelor parties can take place anywhere, depending on the organizer’s or group’s ideas and budget.  

Some bachelor parties can take place in an exotic location, while others can simply be organized in the living room. These are some of the things that you should keep in mind while throwing a bachelor party: 

  • Groom’s requirements 
  • Maintaining a guestlist   
  • Decision on time and place 
  • Booking accommodations 
  • Proper planning 

Several themes can be applied to make your bachelor party memorable and ensure unlimited fun.  

7 Bachelor Party Ideas  

  1. Road Trip  

A long and extensive road trip can be a hugely exciting idea for a bachelor party and an elaborate way to extend the festivities for more than a day! Along with the joy associated with spending time with your friends, the cathartic experience of traveling can add to the overall shine of the occasion.  

Additionally, as a gesture of good faith and since the trip has been organized in their honor, the groom can decide on the location. Similar to any road trip, a bachelor party road trip should ensure the following essentials: 

  • The vehicle you’re traveling in 
  • The time of travel 
  • The duration of your travel 
  • Delegation of driving responsibilities  
  • Essential First aid equipment  
  • Prebooking of accommodation 

However, road trips vary depending on the location of the destination. If you’re going to the beach, your essential requirements would be different, and if you’re heading to a mountainous landscape, you need to pack according to that location. The only thing left for your group is to get on the wheel and drive to your preferred pristine location! 

  1. CBD  

The entire motive of a bachelor party is to stimulate a sense of euphoria and relaxation. If you’re part of a group that doesn’t enjoy the consumption of alcohol to feel calm and relaxed, you can always use CBD or Cannabidiol.  

Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, CBD is widely known for its heightened ability to boost the overall mood and alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. CBD can be consumed through CBD gummies or can be applied through oils.  

However, a CBD pen might be your best bet if you’re planning to consume CBD during a bachelor party. Cannabidiol affects people differently; hence you must consult a medical professional before taking the substance  

  1. Sporting Events 

Sports help create long-lasting bonds, particularly if you’re the supporters of the same team. Why not incorporate this sense of bonding and extreme thrill into an elaborate bachelor party plan? Traditionally everyone is passionate about one sport or the other, and you can plan an event to commemorate the idea of marriage and your favorite sports team! 

You can always acquire tickets for a sports event and invite your group out for a day to watch your favorite team play. Additionally, food and drinks requirements can be met by pooling in your funds and ensuring that you have all the required items, such as: 

  • Tickets to the game 
  • Jerseys of your favorite team 
  • Coolers for ice and drinks  
  • Adequate food  
  • Music speakers  

Watching sports together at home or at a live event can be highly intense. This energy can be channeled into the bachelor party to create a fantastic atmosphere and a great time together.  

  1. Adventure activities  

In many ways, marriage itself is an adventure. Before plunging yourself in unison of matrimony, indulging yourself in action and adventure sports isn’t a bad idea. To induce the highest thrill and excitement during a bachelor party, high-octane activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, etc., can be helpful.   

Depending on your group size, you can always rent out a place on the slope or set a course to cover a certain distance in a picturesque setting. However, you must consider the season. Some of these activities are closed for specific periods in the year. Here are some items your group may need on their trip: 

  • Ski jacket  
  • Hiking shoes 
  • Adequate food and water 
  • Navigation tools 
  • First-Aid kit 
  1. Fishing 

Similar to road trips and adventure sports, fishing can be a fun outdoor group activity for a bachelor party. You can easily organize a picnic around the fishing trip with good food and beverages.  The phrase “a good catch” will signify the person you or your friend is getting married to and the various kinds of fish you might end up catching on the trip! 

Additionally, your group can also indulge in extreme water activities such as:  

  • Deep sea diving 
  • Shark watching 
  • Rafting 
  • Beach house camping  
  1. Concerts  

Music has universal appeal, and there’s hardly going to be anyone who dislikes listening to songs. Several artists are universally loved, so going to one of their concerts for a bachelor party may fulfill someone’s longstanding dream. 

To spice things up, you can book tickets to a band reunion tour to feel nostalgic about the type of music, and the time your group has spent together over the years. Ensure you book tickets early and do not wait until the last moment.  

  1. Museums  

Applicable for a more niche crowd, museums add an aura of respectability and intellectuality to your entire group. If your social circle shares a mutual interest in history and culture, museums and historical sites can be the destination of your choice. A full day can be planned for an extended museum visit because they are spread over a large area.  

Additionally, don’t forget to check if the museum is open on your planned day and set up an itinerary based on that requirement.  


Bachelor parties celebrate life and freedom; hence the theme should match your desired requirements and create an everlasting memory that your group can talk about for years.  

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