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7 Best Public Speaking Courses to Improve your Speeches- Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera’s Public Speaking Program

It is a 3 Days of Coaching To Become An Effective Public Speaker and one of the best public speaking programs out there.

Speak with Power, poise, and pizazz. 

You will gain the confidence to speak in front of any audience and also how to overcome stage fright and cultivate a natural speaking style.  In hostile situations, ask questions, make up your own speeches and think on your feet. Be recognised as an expert in your field as well as discover the secrets of the world’s greatest public speakers and influence others by perfecting platform skills. Also, you will discover the DOs and DONTs of public speaking.

University of Washington

The University of Washington’s Dynamic Public Speaking program is actually a collection of four public speaking courses: Introductory to Public Speaking, Speaking to Inform, Speaking to Persuade, as well as Speaking to Inspire, which can be done together or separately to earn a certificate. This course package is our top pick because it is comprehensive, provides personalised feedback, and is intended for those who are committed to improving their public speaking skills.

The course content is designed to assist you become a more confident as well as dynamic speaker, perfect your delivery techniques, master speechwriting, as well as build a speech portfolio, and is led by award-winning lecturer and communications scholar Dr. Matt McGarrity. If you only want to watch the lectures and read the course content, you can do so for free. However, in order to complete the assignments as well as earn the course certificate, you must pay the Coursera subscription fee of $59 per month.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Another excellent option is the Rochester Institute of Technology’s online Public Speaking program on edX, which requires a much shorter time commitment than that of the University of Washington’s course. You can learn how to manage your public speaking anxiety, gain confidence, and give a compelling speech in just three weeks, with four to six hours of study per week. This course comes in second place because, while the content is solid, it is less comprehensive as well as interactive, and also the instructor is less engaging. Keith B. Jenkins, vice president and associate provost for inclusion and diversity at RIT and a published academic scholar of communication systems and rhetoric, teaches the course.

The course is free to audit, but a one-time payment of $199 is need to participate in graded quizzes, finish the final speech assignment, as well as earn a professional certificate.

University of North Dakota

Although courses at the University of Washington and the Rochester Institute of Technology provide professional certificates, neither offers college credit. If you want to enrol in an online public speaking program as well as earn college credit, the University of North Dakota’s Fundamentals of Public Speaking program is available through its Self-Paced Enrol Anytime option. No prior public speaking experience as well as courses are require to enrol. The course focuses on public speaking theory and practise, as well as improving speech content, organisation, and delivery.

You will receive three college credits upon completion of the course, which can be transmitted to other Higher Learning Commission accredited institutions or applied toward a bachelor’s degree in communications at UND. The total cost of the course is $1,110.84, which is reasonably inexpensive due to North Dakota’s low in-state tuition.


The Complete Public Speaking Masterclass for Just any Occasion is your best bet if you want to master public speaking in any situation. TJ Walker, the course instructor, is a well-known speaker, entrepreneur, as well as author. His course is one of the most popular on Udemy, with a 4.4/5 rating and most reviews praising its thoroughness and extensive use of real-world examples. We chose this course because of its excellent reputation and the fact that it provides lifetime access to training on over 20 various public speaking scenarios, such as investor pitches, job interviews, presenting all through virtual conference calls, and more, for a relatively low price.

TJ Walker’s course costs $149.99, but it is occasionally on sale. After completion, it includes lifetime access as well as a free, downloadable certificate.

LinkedIn Learning

The Communicating With Confidence Course from LinkedIn Learning is brief but powerful, lasting just over an hour and 15 minutes. This course’s 23 brief lectures, led by Jeff Ansell, a highly experienced presentation coach and communications leader, will leave you with actionable tips for how to better express your ideas and calm your nerves. We selected this as the best short lesson because Ansell is a very interactive instructor who will instruct you on how to reach out to your audience, choose the correct words, and appear confident in a very short period of time. Over a million people have taken this course.

If you have a LinkedIn Learning subscription ($29.99 per month with just a monthly plan, $19.99 per month with an annual plan), you can complete this course at your own pace and at no additional cost, or you can purchase the course separately for $34.99. LinkedIn Learning also provides a free one-month trial.

Virtual Speech

VirtualSpeech, founded in 2016, is an online learning platform that combines traditional video tutorials with virtual reality. 2 We chose the course because it employs technology to allow students to practise in realistic settings, which is where many online courses fall short.

Students have the unique chance to immerse themselves in lifelike settings by using a VR headset and the Virtual Speech app. If you already own a VR headset, the standard version of this course costs $250. If you don’t already have a headset, Virtual Speech will send you one in an additional $45, bringing the total to $295.

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