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6 Ways to Get More Subscribers on Your Telegram Channel

Looking to increase members on your Telegram channel, but don’t know how?

I know how it is, I’ve been through it…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Inspired by this post “Como conseguir seguidores para Telegram” growing members on Telegram can be as simple as following a cake recipe.

I’ve separated 6 amazing tips for you to gain a lot of members on Telegram fast.

Just scroll down the page…

The easiest way to start attracting subscribers to your channel is to insert an appropriate link in the description of your messenger profile, such as “Author of a blog on Python programming tips, channel – *link*”. 

The method is difficult to call efficient, but of all the presented methods, it is the easiest and does not require any investment.

Method 2: Ask friends and acquaintances

The next method to get an audience on a newly created channel is to reach your friends and acquaintances who also use Telegram. 

Of course, this should be done discreetly and only with those who might be interested in the publisher’s approach: a specialist advertiser, for example, is unlikely to like the ins and outs of home car repair (unless you’ve declared previously such interest, of course), as well as the characteristics of the application of SMM to an auto repair engineer.

Method 3: Social Media Posts

Social networks are very useful for gaining subscribers: as a rule, most of them (VK, Facebook, LinkedIn) have a large number of thematic communities that can be used to gain an audience. To do this, you just have to publish an interesting and/or useful post with a link to your channel in the corresponding editor communities. 

Of course, this must be done according to the community guidelines and in accordance with your administration: in most cases, a post with cluttered advertising will be removed, and you risk a warning or a ban.

This category also includes direct public relations, whether paid or free, but in exchange for reciprocal publicity. 

The latter is possible with similarly small or newly created publishers, especially if the topic is quite specific. 

With paid public relations the situation is somewhat easier (at least the choice of channels is greater), but it must be taken into account that it may not be appropriate in some cases: for example, it does not make sense to pay for the advertising of a publi that is not intended to be used as a source of income.

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Method 4: Add a channel to the directory

Another method to increase the audience is to add the channel to a special directory in a resource or thematic aggregator. 

In the first case, posting is likely to be paid if the topic is not too narrow, while most aggregators are free. Here is an example of adding to one of them, namely tlgrm.ru.

Go to the Telegram website

Use the suggested link above. Once the page has downloaded, select the “Channels” tab.

Find the section on the next screen “Incubator”. Please read the publication rules carefully and click on the link “here”.

The add interface will appear, enter the technical name of the channel (from the invite link), the subject (line «Category»), a short description and additional information. 

Carefully check the indicated data (especially the name) and press «Send».

After some time (maximum – 24 hours from the moment of publication), the publc should appear in the catalog. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect much from this method: statistics show that at most 10% of the channel’s active audience comes from aggregators.

Method 5: Making an Interactive

A fairly effective method of attracting subscribers to your Telegram channel is a variety of interactive activities: creation of polls, direct communication with the audience, use of various bots (including gaming bots), and holding draws for various prizes, both tangible ( such as books) and digital (a paid video course on drawing or programming). 

Constant interaction with your audience is engaging, so subscribers are likely to tell their acquaintances, and some may even send an invite. This method should be used with caution, as too much use of interactivity loses its novelty and intrigue, and too little will negate any potential benefit.

Method 6: Targeted Advertising

One of the most costly, yet effective methods of attracting new audiences to your channel is the use of targeted advertising. It can be placed on almost any platform, but social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, are the most popular and reliable. 

Thematic resources are also suitable, especially if the channel focus is quite narrow, but here you have to be careful and keep an eye on the reputation of the site where you intend to place the ads.

Also: the methods you should not use

On the other hand, we want to highlight some promotion methods that at first glance seem useful, but in the long run they do not help or even harm.

One of the main ones is the purchase of disinterested subscribers. Both on Telegram itself and on the Internet, there are resources that offer to earn money by subscribing to various channels. 

Such an audience, of course, creates the appearance of quantity, but out of all the subscribers, only a few remain active, which is very detrimental to one’s reputation.

Subscriber acquisition. 

This technology seems attractive to a beginner, but dozens of empty or deleted accounts in subscriptions are bad for long-term statistics, so you should avoid it, especially if you plan to promote your channel and earn money from it.

Participate in the picks. A limit method that may or may not work. Its essence is that a post with a selection of channels on a certain topic is published on some popular resource or Telegram-publik. 

Most of the time, you can get into those sets for a small fee, and some audience growth is theoretically possible, but you have to be very careful not to post on dubious sites or channels, and it’s also wise to avoid too many sets. bulky, because potential subscribers may just jump in or not reach your position at all.

We are glad to have helped you with your problem.

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