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6 Unique Ideas to Boost Your Creativity at a Whole New Level in Business 

Running out of creative juice when inspiration wanes can make you feel inept. You may start thinking you have no creative bone in your body or your wellspring of ideas has run dry. Don’t lose sleep over it – it happens to everyone. 

Inspiration doesn’t always strike when you expect it – you must summon it by flexing your creative muscle and stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ll soon discover your brain is a brilliant source of ideas – it only needs a little push. 

Here are the best ways to get your creative juices flowing and avoid running out of inspiration. 

  1. Try THC-O 

Cannabis enthusiasts swear by this plant’s ability to boost creativity. Researchers have been saying for years that it can improve creative thinking, and many agree. 

THC-O is the newest kid on the block, competing with popular cannabinoids. It’s an acetate THC ester with a higher bioavailability and significantly more potent psychotropic effects than Delta-9 THC. 

You might feel a creativity boost like no other if you try THC-O. It can increase the cerebral blood flow in your prefrontal cortex, which regulates the cognitive functions for creative thinking. Once that part of your brain fires neurotransmitters and releases dopamine, your creative juices start flowing, placing ideas and solutions within grasp.  

Whether you try THC-O cartridges or another form of this synthetic THC derivative, we recommend it only if you’re an experienced user because it might overwhelm you otherwise. 

  1. Create mind maps 

Mind maps are ideal for visual thinkers. They let you visualize thoughts and connect ideas, bringing them to life and helping you make better decisions. When note-taking and brainstorming sessions don’t cut it, mind maps are bound to unlock your creativity and help you solve problems in a heartbeat. 

Whether developing a business plan or marketing campaign, creating a presentation, or writing a dissertation, create a mind map to break down and visualize ideas. It will help you examine them from every angle, consider other perspectives, and reframe your thinking. 

Once you see everything on paper (or screen if you use a mind mapping tool), the solution will practically materialize before your eyes. 

  1. Let your mind wander 

You may think that daydreaming is a gateway to laziness and procrastination, but letting your mind wander can summon your creative muse. 

Studies show daydreaming can facilitate creativity and help you focus once you replenish your wellspring of ideas. Whether you channel it to personal or business challenges, it can help discover innovative solutions to problems. 

The key is to distance yourself from distractions like social media, games, and TV that fill your mind with content unlikely to inspire you. Clear your mind, and your time doing nothing is bound to give birth to novel ideas that have been sitting idly, waiting for inevitable discovery. 

  1. Try animation-guided mindfulness meditation 

Meditation is another excellent way to clear your mind, silence your thoughts, and open the door to creativity. It doesn’t work for everyone, and not every technique stimulates creative thinking, but it doesn’t hurt to try. You might uncover a whole new world where inspiration never wanes. 

Animation-guided mindfulness meditation is fantastic for promoting creativity. It can reduce cognitive load, enhance cognitive function, foster divergent thinking, and lead you directly to novel ideas. 

  1. Engage in physical activity 

Physical activity is perfect if you’re not one to sit idly and prefer to get your body moving when in a creativity slump. Numerous neuroscientific studies over the decades have shown it can encourage divergent and convergent thinking, helping you get out of a creative rut. 

You don’t need vigorous exercise to enhance your cognitive ability and creativity – a quick walk can sometimes be enough. 

An active lifestyle might be more beneficial (in more ways than one), but a relaxing stroll when struggling to come up with ideas might fuel your creative juices. It will place a physical and psychological distance between you and the problem, making room for an ideal solution. 

  1. Sharpen your observation skills 

Inspiration is everywhere. The world is brimming with exciting opportunities and ideas. You may think they’re hidden gems you can only discover if you know where to look, but the truth is they’re right before your eyes. You only need to sharpen your observation skills to see them as bright as day. 

Breath-taking architecture, magnificent artwork, beautiful nature, smiling faces, and playful animals are only some sources of inspiration that can trigger your creative thinking. Go out into the world, observe, connect to your surroundings, and let the stimulating environment reignite the spark your creativity needs. 


Boosting your creativity is an active process. You can’t fold your arms and wait for inspiration to strike because it might not heed your call, and you might lose motivation. 

You must seek ways to remove mental blocks standing in your way of coming up with brilliant ideas. Those above will springboard you to thrilling opportunities, helping creative thinking become second nature. Even when you meditate or let your mind wander, you’ll make room for inspiration and an infinite pool of novel ideas. 

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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