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6 Trends From The HR Tech Conference

When the twentieth annual HR Tech conference took place in Las Vegas and the twelfth annual report from Bersin was released, which lists the main trends that will operate in the industry in the next year. HR Tech Market Disruption: Productivity, Design, and the Rule of Mind made a bold statement that the HR tech market is re-emerging in response to general technological changes, as well as changes in the way organizations work and manage.

I was able to find confirmation of this statement in speeches, meetings, and presentations that I attended during the four days of the conference. Below are the same trends with examples.

New Tools For Evaluating Work Productivity

The conference was attended by representatives of companies that are not providers of HR solutions, such as Uber for Business. It is possible that soon Uber for Business will team up with HR departments to organize the transportation of staff, reduce the cost of transportation, collect information about the safety and well-being of people, track the movement of employees in emergency situations, and so on.

ERP And HCM Systems

ERP and HCM systems are moving to the clouds due to the rebirth of the talent market. Large companies like Oracle, SAP, and Workday compete with each other to offer cloud-based HCM systems to other large organizations. 

However, small and medium businesses also use the SaaS model. For example, Sage recently launched the Sage Business Cloud, which includes HCM capabilities and is based on newly acquired Fairsail technology. 

Another example is Viventium. It offers modern users a cloud-based system for personnel management, payroll, attendance and time tracking, and talent acquisition. The system is designed for a staff of up to 1000 people. More than 5,600 companies in the US currently use it, according to a Viventium spokesperson. You can learn about the latest HR trends by attending the coming CHRO event or conference.

Continuous Quality Management

VibeHCM, formerly known as cfactor, has unveiled an enhanced suite of tools developed following a merger with payroll software provider Electronic Commerce Inc. VibeHCM was one of the first developers to focus on talent management. In addition, it has a long history of building tools for rapid surveys, employee incentive programs, and other hallmarks of continuous performance management.

Rapid Growth Of Feedback, Quick Surveys, and Analytical Tools

The Compass solution from ADP was recognized as one of the favorites of the conference. Compass is designed for round-robin feedback and coaching. It supports individual leadership and active collaboration. Compass has a simple interface, you only need an email address to register. Any person, team, or organization can use the service, all types of devices are supported. 

The solution was tested internally by 8,000 executives from 23 countries with a total of more than 80,000 employees. Testing showed a 10% improvement in all areas of development, the evaluation was carried out using the circular feedback method.

Rethinking Corporate Learning

Not only does Cornerstone’s OnDemand HCM platform raise the bar for learning, talent management, and workforce development, it also enables organizations to achieve the best results through comprehensive user support. Bersin’s report says it’s critical for SaaS vendors to know exactly how their users interact with applications, but few, like Cornerstone, quantify their success.

Growth And Maturation Of The Human Analytics Market

Many vendors are engaged in predictive analytics. Among them, Ceridian stands out, presenting an interesting option for integrating these capabilities with modules for calculating compensation and managing the quality of work. Managers can use the data from these modules to identify employees who may leave the company due to lack of compensation and other incentives.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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