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6 Rules for The Perfect Book Launch

Book Launch

Even though today’s virtual world lets authors connect with their readers without ever leaving their homes, virtual communication can’t replace the experience of sharing your book and knowledge with people at a book signing.

Unfortunately, both first-time and experienced authors often find themselves at a bookstore or other venue surrounded by empty seats, except for a single devoted fan or a stray customer.

Events are complicated, and the devil is in the details. For you, here are some crucial tips for your Book Launch.

1.   Offer A Discount On Your Book Launch

In the world of self-publishing, a price promotion is when you lower the price of your book for a short time while doing a lot of marketing. When you do a Book Launch with a price promotion, you get two main benefits:

Getting more people to read. If you’re an independent author who’s just starting out, you’re likely not yet have enough readers.

Discoverability: The main point of a Book Launch is to get as much attention as possible for your book while it’s still new. One of the greatest ways to do this is to get your book on Amazon’s Best Seller list, which is a popular place for readers to look at books. The more copies of the book you sell, the more Amazon will put it in its top charts. It’s a cycle you want to be a part of!

2.   Tell People About Your Book Launch

Does it sell if a book comes out, but no one hears about it?

Well, no. This may seem like a simple and obvious tip, but it’s very important: you must tell everyone about your book launch on every platform you can.

Here are some ideas for Book Launch:

·       Make Social Media Posts That Stand Out

Use a free tool like Canva, or consider hiring a professional designer to help you make social media posts that show off your new Vanilla Heart Book and Authors. These posts should have eye-catching pictures of your book, say what kind of book it is, and include essential information, like the price (especially if you’re running a sale!) and where people can buy it.

·       Give Away Something To Your Subscribers

Building a mailing list is one of the best things an aspiring author can do. By making a newsletter for your fans to enjoy, you’re also building a list of people you can quickly contact when you publish a new book. Setting up a mailing list is easier than it sounds, and you can start right away by signing up for our free course on how to do it.

·       Promote Your Book Launch With Other Authors

Traditional publishing may seem like a world of ivy-covered gates, but the self-publishing community is open to everyone. If you look around, you’ll find a lot of writing groups and critique groups where you can meet other authors who are also self-publishing.

·       Hold A Book Release Party Arranged By Book Agencies

You can arrange a formal book release event through Book Biography writing services Solution. Book agencies are very well aware of how to host the party and whom to invite. This can be an excellent investment for your book.

3.   Get Reviews From Readers Ready To Go

Word of mouth is the proper way to get people interested in a product. Yes, an ad (we’ll talk more about those later) can tell people why you think they should read your book. But reviews from other readers will be much more convincing to potential buyers that this is true.

A competitive price will bring people to your page, and having reader reviews on your page will seal the deal. Regarding the number of reviews, about 20 is the sweet spot.

So how do you get this feedback before the Book Launch? Here are some people to talk to:

• Book review blogs (editorial reviews): You can find a list of book review blogs here, and many of them accept advanced reader copies (ARCs).

• Family and friends: Amazon discourages sock-puppet reviews. Still, if your friends and family have bought your book and you’re having trouble getting reviews from other people, there’s no harm in asking some of them to leave an honest review.

4.   Plan Features On Sites That Promote Books

You need to increase the rankings to get people to read your book on Amazon. But how do you move up in the rankings if Amazon doesn’t buy from you? You can count on having a strong presence on social media or a growing mailing list.

5.   Use Ads To Promote The Release Of Your Book

Another surefire way to find new readers? Use the three main ways of advertising that have worked well for authors to sell their books:

·       Ads on Facebook

Facebook ads are an efficient tool for advertisers for many of the same reasons that you may be skeptical about them as a user. It keeps track of where you live, what you like to do, how old you are, where you went to school, what events you go to, and so on.

·       Bookbub Ads

Like on Facebook, Bookbub ads are shown to readers based on their interests—in this case, the authors or genres they follow on Bookbub and the deals or ads they’ve already interacted with. So, when you set up your ads, you should consider what other types of books or authors are similar to yours.

·       Amazon Ads

Amazon’s advertising platform used to be called Amazon Marketing Services. It has been updated and changed a few times, but it is still pretty new compared to Facebook or Bookbub.

6.   The Signing

Be sure to bring a good pen with you so you can sign books. That means a pen that doesn’t smudge or bleed through the pages. Practice your signature and think about what you want to write before people start lining up all over the bookstore to get your autograph. This way, you won’t freeze up when they do.


And that’s it. You’re ready to publish your book and get a lot of new readers if you have competitive prices, ads, and featured spots on book promotion sites and a plan for telling people in your community about it.

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