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5 Top Content Marketing Trends to Stay on Top Of

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It’s no secret that content marketing is a key way to get your business in front of audiences. But there is no one size fits all formula that will ensure your content always pops up on search engines. 

Marketing techniques follow different trends that can come and go quickly. So if you’re looking for the best way to keep your strategies fresh, here are five top content marketing trends to stay on top of. 

1. Video Marketing 

More and more people are downloading video apps like TikTok every day. These video platforms are a great place to try out creative video content and flesh out new strategies. 

Video marketing makes it easy for you to showcase products or what your business does. You can try to follow trends on video marketing platforms or just come up with creative and visually stunning pieces of media. 

Either way, video marketing is valuable across multiple platforms and can help you extend your reach as a brand online. As we get into the later half of 2022, you should stay on top of video marketing and try creating some for your company and see if it increases your reach. 

2. Showcase Your Values 

There is a growing shift in what people find important in the companies that they work with. Many people will choose one brand over another if the first one aligns more closely with their values. In your marketing efforts, you should make it a priority to showcase the values of your company. If you are focused on sustainability, make sure that your products are created with the right materials and with the right processes. 

If you work with a digital product like a SaaS, you can tell people the steps you are taking to lessen your environmental impact. This is a great way to appeal to a different type of consumer and widen your reach. 
You can show these values by choosing keywords for your content marketing that align with these goals. If you’re looking for more ways to integrate SaaS SEO into your content, check out these creative solutions from Intergrowth.

3. Brand Partnerships 

Many brands are benefiting from collaborating with others. You can achieve this by creating guest content on other businesses’ web pages. Or by working with agencies that utilize influencers to promote your product in their content. 

You can see social media creators promoting products and partnering with brands across their platforms. 

A pro of this is giving someone else creative control to talk about your product This makes it feel more relatable to the customer and can drive them to look into your content further. 

4. Interactive Content 

In the face of Ai-generated content or even machine-created content, people are constantly looking for things they can connect with. This means that more interactive content is a trend to stay on the lookout for. 

You may try integrating polls or quizzes on your content to keep a reader interacting with your content. Or, try utilizing infographics as well to keep your pieces looking fresh and intriguing to the eye. You can get creative with this as well and see which techniques work better to keep your eyes on your pages. 

5. Personalization 

We already know that personalized email marketing tends to have great results for many businesses. But can you also add that level of personalization into your content? 

While you can’t add every user’s name into the intro of your content, you can create pieces that are more tailored to what your users are specifically looking for. 

Answer the questions that they didn’t even realize they had and be the business that will help them answer those. You can also add personalized recommendations of content on your pages based on what your readers usually gravitate towards. 

While it isn’t customized to each person, keeping your general audience in mind and how you can make it feel like the content is tailored for them should keep them coming back. 


There isn’t a cut-and-dry technique to perfect content marketing. It takes trial and error with a little bit of research to figure out what works for your company. Be sure to keep up with the trends to not fall behind either. Happy content writing!

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