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5 Tips to Get Backlinks via Manual Outreach 

The online market is similar to a popularity contest–thousands and thousands of websites competing to rank in the top positions. To ensure this, individuals and businesses leverage numerous SEO techniques and strategies.  

However, within this noise, a strategy called “Link Building” acts as a vote of confidence from one popular website to another, compelling Google to inspect and rank your website. 

This strategy involves manual outreach, which consists in searching and finding relevant websites for your services or blog. You then contact the webmaster or blog owner to ask for a guest post. Getting quality backlinks through manual outreach can improve your search engine rankings. 

This article looks at how you can get backlinks using manual outreach. 

Steps in manual outreach 

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Manual outreach involves contacting websites and asking for backlinks without using automated software. It can be via social media or cold emails. The first step is to identify the prospects you want backlinks from. For this, search the top websites in your industry and the keywords you want to rank. You then create a linkable asset, an article that attracts backlinks to your website. The next step is personalizing your pitch, which is a chance to make a first impression.  

That said, the entire outreaching process can be very demanding for businesses, hence the need for a blogging outreach service provider. These professional third-party agencies create customized, personalized outreach emails that can grab a person’s attention quickly. Moreover, they have long-term relationships with popular web admins and bloggers, ensuring the backlinks are only from reputed and reliable sources. 

One important link-building strategy is using social media profiles to get backlinks. They are backlinks on social media websites and online directories. These social signals are content marketing forms that lead back to your website. 

You will get fresh backlinks if you’re active on social media sites and produce content regularly on your website. If the niche relates to a current social trend, get in touch with valuable contacts and inform them of your content that can enrich their story.  

2. Guest blog 

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If you have a good pitch, guest posting is an exemption strategy to get backlinks. Start by offering guest posts and blogs to other websites and reach broader audiences. By writing a guest post with a large following, you can earn backlinks to your site. Guest posting is an effective method for your link-building strategy. It exposes you to a new audience and allows you to build relationships with other bloggers. 

3. Helpful content and infographic creation 

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You can get quality backlinks by investing in content creation. When you create more helpful content than on the Internet, Google ranks it high. The more content you have, the more link-building opportunities you have. The content should answer questions, explain how to do something, or present unknown information. 

When writing content for your manual outreach, use a proven format to generate links. For example, publishing guides is an efficient way to build high-quality backlinks. Ensure the content is link-worthy by writing about your industry and getting backlinks from credible sites.  

Using an infographic helps you get the best content quickly. However, you will only get quality backlinks if you produce quality and insightful content. Hence, remember to write content you would be happy to publish. You can also get creative with your infographic by offering something original. Your goal is to generate engagements from the content and infographic.  

When looking at competitors, you can also look at their broken links. This strategy is an easy way of acquiring backlinks to your website. It entails contacting a web admin to report broken links on its website while recommending other websites to replace that link. Backlinks that point from one page of your site to another can tell search engines about a page. If you already have several backlinks that are not being used to their full potential, find them for backlinking. 

Use the links to improve your internal site structure by linking the right keywords to the correct pages. This makes it easy for Google and your visitors to crawl your site. There are opportunities to build internal links toward existing and indexed content. Moreover, you can build links from outdated sources that have changed names or moved to a new URL. 

5. Review your organic competitors 

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One way to find quality backlinks is to find your organic competitors and then explore their backlinks. Checking the local competitor can help you assess what you are doing well and where there might be opportunities to improve your strategy. Start by choosing your primary competitors and the websites ranking on top for your main keywords. 

Determine the organic strategy of your competitors and what type of content they publish to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. Also, look at competitors’ organic keywords to find their backlinks sources.  

It’s essential to track your competitors’ links to learn their techniques. For instance, you can publish content on the guest posting website similar to the competitor. Sign up for their email newsletters and set up Google alerts to get notifications when they publish content.  


Remember that the link-building process is an art and needs creativity. You can use the manual outreach approach to get backlinks from anywhere. Even though many factors determine the success of an outreach campaign, the tips mentioned can help you get backlinks through manual outreach.  

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