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For those who don’t understand what a research proposal is, the experts have defined it as a clear and brief summary of the research you propose.  It provides a clear idea of the area you want to study and research following current information, recent studies, and debates.  The students with no experience in research proposal writing have to look for proposal writing help so that their proposal is not reject.  Most students have to write a research proposal but are not confident in their own knowledge. And experience in writing a perfect research proposal look for expert tips that could help them write it.  Before you work on expert tips, you should also know about the seven main things that make a perfect research proposal.  It is a document you must submit when applying for admission for M.Phil and PH.D.

7 Main Parts Of A Research Proposal

Just like every piece of literature has some main points around which the whole thing is woven. A research proposal also consists of some important parts that make it easy for students and professionals to write.  The following are the main parts of every research paper:-

Introduction or Title

The first thing a student should mention in his research proposal is its title or the topic he intends to research for his PH.D.  You can provide the university with a tentative title that you can change after getting acceptance for admission.  This part of the research paper is known as ‘abstract’ or ‘need for research.’This part of your research proposal should be no more than 100 words.  You should mention the problem that you want to examine from different perspectives.

Review of Literature

The literature review is the previously documented work about the same topic you are working on.  The student has to provide a brief outline of the previously done work.  In this particular part of the research paper, the student gets a chance to display his expertise. And show the supervisor where his project will fit in the broader spectrum.  Some intense research is require to write this part of your research paper.

Main objectives

In this part of your research proposal, you have to mention the issue or research question you have in mind.  It would be best to mention how the issue fits your research question.  You should explain the practical purpose of your research study.  It would help if you described your objectives briefly.

Research method and design

In this part of your proposal, you must mention how you will research the topic.  Many people think that research can only be done using the internet as it is the latest trend, but it’s not true.  There are certain topics of research that can be better address using public polls or surveys.  The students sometimes visit public places, libraries, and parks to gather new ideas and solutions to the research question.  Students must mention every method of research that he has used or will use for research.

Ethical reflections

Ethical reflections, or in other words, ethical consideration, is a vital part of every research paper.  The universities do not entertain a research proposal that lacks ethical considerations.  These are the set of rules or principles that design your research proposal.  In this part, you have to ensure that all the rights of a study or survey participants are reserved, including their privacy or anonymity.  When people share their thoughts, some don’t mind if their name is mention in the comments, but some want to hide their identity.  In ethical considerations, you have to mention all the rules that safeguard the rights of the participants.  The students unaware of this set of rules must hire research proposal writing help to tackle the task of writing their research proposal.


The research proposal you submit should match the estimated amount required to conduct research. And come up with a solution to the issue under discussion.


 In this section, the students can mention their afterthoughts so that nothing slips out of their minds.


The students must consult many books and journals when writing research papers.  In this section, they have to mention the details of books, journals, and websites they used to write their research proposal.

Tips For Writing An Acceptable Research Paper

Most students feel too much stress when they have a research proposal to write for admission to a university.  The following are some sincere tips that can help you write a good research proposal and enroll with the university without delay.

  • Always follow the guidelines or requirements of the university when writing a research proposal.  Many people try to trick the supervisors by using a small or too-big font. They even play with margins and do not follow the pattern requirements of the university.  These students do not trick the professors or the university, but they trick themselves and get reject.  Those faculty members who check the research proposals should be more attentive to leave the change in margins and fonts un-noticed.
  • One more thing you should always keep in mind is that your budget should fall within the limit set by the funder.
  • Your research proposal should be well-arranged and easy to follow.  It is always better to leave some white space to make your text prominent.
  • It would help if you double-checked the authenticity of the facts used in the research paper.
  • When you mention a rough estimate, you should use language that differentiates between facts and assumptions.
  • Try to make it clear to the funder and professors how your research will contribute to the field of your study.
  • Make sure that you use excellent vocabulary that matches the level of education. That you have, it does not contain any grammatical errors or typing mistakes. Your research proposal should not have any spelling mistakes.
  • Tell the professors about the feasibility of working on your resort.
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