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5 Things to know before Renting Apartments in Dubai?

Renting a home in Dubai can be a significant commitment because of the system of rent checks in place, which frequently requires you to pay a sizable amount of your rent beforehand. As a result, it is crucial that you make certain you are in the appropriate location. The following list of considerations will help you make sure the home you are signing on the dot line for is the best fit for your needs when you view before renting property in Dubai.

Renter’s laws and rights

Make sure you are completely inform of your rights and obligations as a tenant before signing a lease for an apartment. By doing this, you will be protect legally and your connection with the property owner will be strengthen.

First and foremost, confirm that both you and the landlord will adhere to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s (RERA) Dubai Rental Law.

Here are a few of tenancy rights that  should be aware of:

  • The place being rent out to the tenant must be fit for residence. 
  • The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the flat is secure and clean for the renter to reside.
  • When the tenancy agreement terminates, the landlord is require to return any money that the renter paid as a security deposit.
  • The landlord is allow to increase the tenant’s rent only after giving 90 days’ notice.
  • The tenant’s right to continue residing in the property is unaffect if ownership of the property is transfer to a new owner.

Registering your tenancy agreement

To exercise all of your rights and legally safeguard all of the contract’s parties, you should register for Ejari as a tenant. The Dewa (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) registration also requires an Ejari registration.

The official website has an online registration form for Ejari. You will need to upload a number of documents, including:  Emirates ID, UAE Visa, passport, tenancy agreement, title deed of renter property and receipt of DEWA connection. Here is a more comprehensive guide on all the things you need to remember about the Dubai Tenancy Law.

Create an account with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority)

You must create a Dewa account in order to activate the water and electricity services. The application can be pick up in person at nearby Dewa customer care locations or online via their website. If you’re renting a flat, you’ll need to provide a security deposit of AED 2000.

You’ll need your Emirates ID, a copy of your passport, and a copy of your Ejari contract, among other things. Usually, within 15 hours of registration, the supply is activate. Here are the tips on how you can save the DEWA bill in Dubai.


Location is one of the most crucial things to consider before renting an apartment in Dubai. While it may be tempting to choose a luxury apartment for sale in Dubai or a villa that has the right lighting, fixtures and fittings, spacious area and interior design you desire.  And it also has been exquisitely stage by an agency when you tour apartments or villas before renting real estate Dubai, location is one of the most crucial considerations. The ideal location should be close to your workplace, your spouse’s workplace, and, if you have children, your children’s schools.

Life will be much easier and convenient If you don’t spend hours in traffic every day driving to work or school. An excellent location near all the amenities, such as a school, workplace, gym, and shopping malls, will also spare you the inconvenience of having to spend so much on transportation. If you don’t drive, make sure your ideal home is close to a bus stop or that there are plenty of taxis available nearby.


It’s nice that Dubai is a lovely melting pot with hundreds of various nationalities. Due to this, some landlords and renters who rent property in Dubai may have quite different views regarding the rights of tenants in real estate Dubai and who should be in charge of maintaining the property. Make sure your lease agreement outlines your exact obligations; for example, some landlords include clauses stating that tenants are responsible for any maintenance costs under AED 500, despite the fact that many tenants believe that even the smallest maintenance issues fall under the landlord’s purview.

Before you sign, thoroughly read your Dubai tenancy contract to ensure that you understand when to contact the landlord or property management company and that you are willing to accept any maintenance obligations that are require of you. Additionally, carefully inspect the common spaces of your building or complex to determine their cleanliness and level of maintenance.

If the property is a bit of a mess and has visible maintenance problems, it may be preferable to cross it off your list as it indicates bad management. Before you move in, make sure you know who is accountable for fixing any issues with the property if they do not already exist. Landlords frequently demand that tenants return the property to them in the same condition that they received it, including painting it.


Whether you are renting an apartment in Dubai or a villa in Dubai, we hope our blog has helped you navigate the world of real estate Dubai. To browse through Dubai’s affordable and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai, visit Next Level Real Estate for the most comprehensive selection of property for rent in Dubai.

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