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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Car Parking Tiles in Delhi NCR   

It is a common saying that the first impression is the final impression. And when it comes to designing your dream house, you want everyone to admire its inner and outer space. Moreover, the parking area or the outdoor porch is the first thing people notice when they visit your home. So, it is the outside of the house that makes the first impression on your visitors. This explains why you must make sure that the parking tiles enlighten your outdoor space.

How to select the best tiles for your parking space?

Choosing the best tiles for your parking space for the first time can be challenging. Once the tiles are installed, you cannot undo it. So, follow these simple strategies and tips for purchasing the perfect parking tiles in Delhi NCR:

Ensure it’s of good quality

When choosing parking tiles, quality should be your first concern. You should carefully choose parking tiles or any type of outdoor tiles. As parking tiles are subjected to different types of weather conditions, ensure that they are water-resistant and non-slippery. Invest in good quality tiles that don’t crack or shatter easily and don’t appear unkempt in the rainy season.

Buy from a reputed brand  

People often make the mistake of buying low-quality tiles to save money. Don’t commit the same error as such tiles shatter easily and need constant upkeep. A branded tile, on the other hand, is self-evident and stays intact for a long time with routine maintenance. So, always buy tiles from a leading brand to have a pleasant experience.

Select an attractive design

There is a wide range of tile designs to choose from. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to consider the overall design and color along with the tile pattern. The style and color must complement the current appearance of your home. Once you select the suitable design, you will be amazed by the results.

Style matters

To decide on the right style of parking tiles, consider your house’s landscaping and surroundings. You certainly don’t want the outdoor space to appear too gaudy or too shabby in comparison to the rest of the house. Parking areas look beautiful with tiles that have a natural finish like grass-like or stone effects. Wood-effect tiles too are a great choice and they are also environment-friendly.

Choose the right shade

Choosing a shade of parking tiles in Delhi NCR that matches the overall outdoor décor of your home is vital. There are plenty of color and pattern options available on parking tiles to help you get just what you need.


Before buying and installing parking tiles, you should always research well. Pay attention to details like design, quality, and coating. If you are confused, taking the help of an interior designer is a great idea as they are experts in this domain. Once you have found the perfect tiles for your parking area, don’t forget that cleaning and upkeep are extremely important to make them appear new forever.

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Ahsan Khan
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