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5 Steps To Build A Distribution Strategy

A distribution strategy is one of the 4Ps of marketing assignment that help define how a product reaches a customer. It consists of all the supply outlets and processes a product walks through after it is manufactured until it reaches a client.

This distribution strategy map is essential for the success of a business. The product strategy’s effectiveness decides a company’s satisfaction and loyalty towards its customer. Hence the more successful a company’s distribution strategy is, the better it will be able to satisfy its customers and loyal they will be towards the product or the brand. Plus, a successful distribution strategy allows the effective growth of a company and increases its ability to approach new consumers. Apart from that, a well-crafted distribution strategy saves time and increases the efficiency of product delivery.

Now the question may arise of what steps one should take to design an effective distribution strategy. An expert who offers 4p of marketing assignment writing service highlights the essential steps:

To build a distribution strategy, take the following steps:

Consider the consumer –

Running a business is all about thinking about a product served by an organisation from the perspective of a customer. However, if a company is concerned about creating the best distribution channels, it must think like a consumer itself and investigate the following questions:

  • Why do the consumers buy the products served by the organisation?
  • What places does the consumer go to buy products of an organisation?
  • Does the consumer take assistance from someone not associated with the company to learn about the organisation’s functioning, or do they take the product from the shelf and place it in their kart?

Once these queries are resolved, one can look for potential distribution channels.

Look for potential distribution channels

“How can I decide the right channel that will help with marketing case study?” the answer to this most common question lies in the research based on the type of distribution network a company use. For example, if a company uses a direct distribution network, the choices one has with shipping the products must be evaluated. However, if an indirect distribution channel is used, different channels like wholesalers, retailers, and distributors need to be analysed. Apart from that, other factors also play a crucial role in choosing the right channel. For example, the geographic area served, the sales team’s capacity to extend product sales, the profit margin maintained, etc.

Relationships and intermediaries reach an agreement

A 4p of marketing assignment helper feels that establishing the agents that can help send the product to every corner of the globe where the product is in great demand is another essential point that helps in deciding the distribution strategy. Once a company decides on the type of distribution network to use, it is time to choose the best intermediaries for the given channel and create a business relationship with these intermediaries. One of the most significant tasks of this agreement is signing business agreements with them.

Optimise the distribution network

Ensuring the performance of the distribution channels is essential to optimise the distribution network. It includes shifting products from one channel to another to achieve the best results. However, several factors decide how the channel is shifted. For example, a medium may distribute product volumes at a lower cost while another channel may distribute it faster. Both of them are crucial to the business. In that choosing, the one that benefits the company and the customer is the best choice. However, the distribution channel must be optimised with a change in the preference and transportation cost.

Expand the distribution network

 To implement the distribution strategy, begin with a modest distribution network and then, as it grows, add more distribution processes and centres to the network.

To Sum Up,

Take these 5 steps to build a distribution network and see the growth in the business.

Author Bio: Mia is a distribution manager of a manufacturing giant based in the UK. She is also associated with one of the oldest academic writing service. If you need 4P of marketing assignment help, contact her at MyAssignmenthelp.com.

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