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5 Road Trip To Experience In India with Safety

The report says that India ranks in the 34th position based on the analysis of the travel and tourism competitiveness index. Its diverse culture, tradition, and habitat attract tourists from other countries as well. One of the 7 wonders of the world is located in India. No wonder it became 34th on the list. Its scenic beauty, vividness in climate, culture, and tradition are what make India special from other countries. The irony is that the vastness of the country and abundance of scenery is itself not experienced by her citizens. Here are some road trip suggestions to experience in India. Want to travel throughout India with a thin pocket? Befriend! Bonzah ensures a safe and affordable trip for its customers. Want to know more? Check out Bonzah to know more.

Bangalore to Bandipur forest

It is hard to ignore the beauty of forests in India. Then why miss a chance to see the deer and birds of Bandipur forest? Yes. Heard it right. Try a road trip to Bandipur forest with a wildlife photographer friend. Maybe he/she/others can find inspiration for their work. The overall distance between Bangalore and Bandipur forest is 220 km. Bangalore is one of the first suggestions that pop up in my mind when it comes to road trips. Don’t worry about the refreshments. There are plenty of stopovers and eating along the route. For those who are into brands, McDonald’s and Café Coffee Day is always ready to welcome its customers. Worried that you may run out of money while road trip? Use  Bonzah Discount codes to avail of more discounts. Enjoy the entire trip without worrying about your pocket! 

Chennai to Munnar

Want to try the essence of Western Ghats? Go for a trip from Chennai too. The average distance is 585 km. It is the ultimate weekend destination to melt all the stress and work pressure. No matter which route one takes, green tea plantations, hills, and pineapple plantations welcome tourists.  With tea shops, hotels, and lodges catering exclusively to tourists, accommodation, and food will not be a problem.  People who come here do not leave without buying homemade chocolate and tea powder.  Attractive hotels and suites are readily available for honeymooners. Want to go for the dream road trip with family at an affordable rate? Check out Bonzah Sales to know more.

Shillong to Cherrapunjee

It is a stretch of 53 km.  This is a distance that can come and go quickly.  Therefore, it is a perfect spot to plan the weekend with either family or colleagues.  On the way, one can see waterfalls, drizzles, caves, etc. The countryside views are refreshing to the eyes. One can reach the destination in just 2 hours without any traffic.  Roadside stalls and juice shops are handy.  Those who want to forget their workload and other problems and want to calm their mind can choose this place. Check out the new insurance offers Bonzah has launched for its customers. Check out Bonzah offers for more details.

Gangtok to Lake Tsomogo and Nathu La pass

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim.  Many people come to enjoy the natural beauty of the northeast.  Surrounded by mountains, this place is one of the favorite places for foreigners.  If you want a road trip that is a bit challenging, this place can be chosen.  The road is between hills.  Due to some uncertainties of the terrain, you will find this trip slightly challenging.  This is the perfect sport for solo bikers. It is a total journey of 56 km.  There is no need to describe the beauty of Lake Tsomogo.  It should be seen and enjoyed.  Collect Bonzah coupon codes by Bonzah and get massive discounts…

Kolkata to Digha

Everyone living in Kolkata must have traveled through this road 4-5 times in their life.  Digha is very famous in East India.  Digha is seen by its residents as a great place to spend a weekend with the family at a very low cost.  There is greenery on both sides of the road.  Enjoy all that and go straight to the beach.  It’s an ideal place for sightseeing and horse riding.  There are many dhabas on the way there. Hence, There is no need to find alternative means of food and refreshments.  The distance is about 180 km. 

The journey is about 4 hours. This trip can be made fun by enjoying the natural beauty and clicking photos of beautiful beaches and landscapes. Digha can be considered a quick return destination at a very low cost. Must visit the land of tasty rasgullas and yummy fish gravy! Use Bonzah coupons to avail of more discounts on every trip.

Mumbai to Mt. Abu

Readers may wonder how a peaceful road trip through the busy streets of Mumbai is possible.  But there is a good destination to go to from Mumbai.  That is Mount Abu.  Take the Vadodara, Ahmedabad route, and Mumbai’s NH 8.  The approximate distance is around 750 km.  With their traditions and Gandhian history, the beauty of Mount. Abu can be enjoyed.  Dhabas are also available there. This place is recommended for solo travelers, friends, and family.  The destination can be reached in approximately 12 hours. Choose Bonzah to make the trips enjoyable.  Furthermore, win prizes with a Bonzah promo code.  Dear travelers, feel free to travel with the security and assurance of  Bonzah.

Ahmedabad to Kutch

Ahmedabad to kutch is an ideal road trip for a short weekend holiday. Enjoy the beauty of Rann with eternal love beside you. If not, go for a solo trip. It will take 10 to 11 hours to reach the destination. Avail of more Bonzah offers and travel stress-free.

Secure every trip with  Bonzah Deals. Traveling is everyone’s favorite.  People who dislike traveling are less than one can count on their fingers. Traveling brings peace, happiness, and relaxation to the mind.  Through it, one can get rid of many stresses that one is experiencing today. Hence, Never hesitate to travel. Explore every possible place one can explore in their life. Life is short, do not waste it.

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