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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Magnetic Lifter

Magnetic lifters are industrial machines equipped with permanent lifting magnets that are strong enough to move steel materials, from beams to sheets. Its high performance electromagnets are predominantly composed of neodymium, a hard yet slightly malleable silvery rare-earth metal, housed within a metallic cylinder. The magnets attract heavy objects when the lifter is switched on. In its inactive state, the magnets face the lifter while the cylinder soaks in the magnetic field. A magnetic lifter comes in various designs and, as long as you follow safety protocol, is generally safe to use at intense workplace settings.     

Safe Use and Deployment  

To efficiently use this equipment and implement better productivity, operators must pay attention to safety practices. They are as safe as regular magnets but extraordinary caution should be exercised when dealing with loads magnetically carried in the air. Personnel working within a certain radius from the magnetic lifter must wear hard hats. It is also best to avoid touching the teacher while it is active.  

The machine hoists massive weights using its neodymium magnets. Though efficient, magnets made from this rare-earth material are prone to heat damage. They can only be used in environments with regulated temperatures. Neodymium loses its strength in the face of excessive heat. When working with magnetic lifters, make sure the temperature does not exceed 80°C. Otherwise, the magnets will decline and lose their ability to attract steel and other heavy metals. Lifters should also be used away from debris as any object that gets in between the magnets can easily burst or be crushed, resulting in safety hazards.          

Benefits of a Magnetic Lifter

Investing in a magnetic lifter can change your operations for the better. They load and unload quickly and can hoist materials with ease. This machine is built to withstand heavy work loads and increase productivity in large construction projects and various industrial applications. Adding a magnetic lifter to your handling operations offers these advantages:

Higher Work Capacity  

The use of magnetic lifters makes metal handling safe and efficient. You can expect streamline work processes and fast handling of iron and other magnetic materials.

Less Hazard

Circular electromagnetic lifters are easy to use and operate. Since this machine makes the job of skilled workforce easier, it helps them stay engaged and motivated, prevents rapid turnovers.  

Increased Productivity

Magnetic lifters increase a project’s competitiveness level. Also it can perform the work of an entire team. Controlling the load is also easy and precise. One person operates the equipment through a radio control device. 

Less Maintenance

With its functional design, durable build and fine materials, the electromagnetic lifter does not require frequent maintenance. It will also load and unload materials for a long time with minimum maintenance outage.  

Great Quality

Magnetic lifters carry materials without damaging them. The probability of mishandling is small, so losses remain at manageable levels. Products retain their quality even after an exposure to a magnetic field. 

Why Hire a Magnetic Lifter

For higher productivity, efficient handling and low maintenance costs, hiring a magnetic lifter for your next project would be a good choice. Remember to follow safety practices to unlock this machine’s full potential. If your workplace is currently in need of a high performance circular electromagnetic lifter for a construction, recycling or demolition job, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Boss Attachments. 

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