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5 Reasons Why Dahua 4MP IP Camera Is Better Than An Analogue CCTV Camera

CCTV camera surveillance has been transformed by IP technology in the 21st century. Thus, they have quickly overtaken analog solutions on the market because they can transmit more data across Wi-Fi and LAN. A Dahua 4MP IP camera offers five advantages over its analog predecessors, which this article discusses. It has high quality bullet camera, you can carry this to every place that you go, right from the city trips to the trekking places. You also get lifetime support from the known brand like this.

Is the quality of your video feed deplorable?

Analog CCTV cameras may record video at up to a half-MP resolution. The Dahua 4MP IP camera has a picture resolution of eight times that of its analog predecessors, making it a clear winner in this category. It even outperforms other IP cameras in its price range, which can only produce a resolution of up to 3 megapixels.

When zooming in on an IP camera feed, the resolution is preserved; however, in analog cameras, the image becomes hazy and distorted.

Do you have to scroll through hours of video to find a single moment?

The video stream from analog systems is recorded on a DVR or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). In this situation, it is time-consuming to go through hours of tape to uncover a single security incident. Individual events like motion detection, line crossing detection, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition can be reported with IP cameras (ANPR). With the help of a Dahua 4MP IP camera, these extra functionalities can be easily added. There is no blurred image or inconsistent video that you get. The clarity of image recorded provides high quality security all throughout.

Fewer Cables, Fewer Cameras, and a Better Return on Investment.

A maximum number of cameras can be connected to a single DVR when analog cameras capture their feed. Furthermore, it would help if you connected each camera to a separate wire, making the setup and maintenance of the system a nightmare.

Dahua 4MP IP camera, like other IP cameras, need an NVR or Network Video Recorder to store their video feed. A single switch connects all cameras in a specified area to the NVR. You save money on cabling because of this. Compared to analog cameras, IP cameras offer a wider field of view. This ensures that fewer cameras can cover a larger area.

The weatherproof feature, and additional feature like starlight, alarm and video contact analysis all help in the overall acceptance of this camera for highly functional purpose.

Do you wish your camera’s night time vision was as good?

Dahua’s 4MP IP cameras, most of which have an IR lens, allow you to see in the dark. These IR-enabled cameras can create crystal-clear images even in low-light circumstances where analog CCTV cameras would produce grainy or nonsensical footage.

Do you wish there were a lot more extra feature?

Other security and safety systems utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) technologies can be integrated with the latest Dahua 4MP IP Cameras. Fire suppression systems, visual and auditory alerts, and electronic appliance controllers, such as generators, lights, and televisions, are all included in this package. When you go for the other advantage, you can also see that 30 days return period and also free shipping facility that you get. Check the motion detection and the SD card capacity for recording before you buy the product.


Dahua 4MP IP Camera are among the best-reviewed and most trustworthy surveillance cameras today, even though they have outperformed all competitors in their price range. Don’t forget to maintain your lifestyle modern and up to date by staying in contact with the latest technology.

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