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5 Reasons why Co2 Incubator is the Must in Biomedical laboratories?


It’s the scientific device to maintain the natural viability of laboratory-based cells or cultures artificially. Within this incubator, pressure, temperature, humidity, and Ph are maintained to keep the cell culture naturally alive within the laboratory. This device is nowadays highly utilized in the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry.

Why is a CO2 incubator required in a laboratory?

It has become crucial in all biological laboratories or pharmaceutical laboratories due to performing some unique experiments. These are listed below:

  • UV sterilization
  • Filtration of cell cultures
  • Reducing the oxygen level etc.
  • Protecting cell culture or broth from contamination.
  • With a Co2 incubator, the  cell culture is maintained in natural environment.

What are the features of a Co2 incubator?

  • Before selecting a Co2 incubator for laboratory work, it is essential to check the following criteria which are as follows.
  • Before selecting a Co2 incubator, it’s essential to check its robust air filtration system. It is the backbone to circulate aeration within the closed chamber and protect culture viability.
  • The co2 incubator should have a 2GB memory card to catch all the real-time data.
  • This device should have a diagnostic interface to detect changes, if any.
  • When purchasing a Co2 incubator, it’s crucial to check that the alarm system works correctly to change the ULPA filter and Co2 tank replacement.
  • The Dual sterilization cycle of the Co2 incubator is very crucial. Drying the culture at 145 degrees Celsius and humidifying it at 95 degrees Celsius protects the cell culture from contamination.

How does a Co2 incubator work?

  • Within the gas chamber of a co2 incubator, all the fungal spores and bacterial contamination are destroyed at 90-degree Celsius temperature. This temperature-based humidification process is recycled within the Co2 incubator every 15 hours.
  • A 180-degree high heat temperature-based sterilization process protects the cell culture or broth from contamination. The chamber is fabulous, and heat is provided with a 12-hour cycle.
  • Heat-based humidification and sterilization are the primary systems within the Co2 incubator to protect the cell cultures from contamination.

Where is the CO2 incubator highly required?

  • In biological laboratories, genetics, and biotechnology-oriented spaces, a CO2 incubator is used to preserve spores, cell cultures, etc.
  • In In-Vitro fertilization centers, there is an efficient requirement for CO2 incubators to preserve embryonic fetuses for a long time.

What are the best CO2 incubators in India?

  • Yatherm has developed the Co2 incubator with multiple features. HEPA air filtration, heat sterilization, humification process, IR sensor, etc. This Yatherm is the manufacturer, supplier, and developer of many testing equipments. So, you may trust them.
  • ESCO life sciences group has another option to purchase a CO2 incubator. Within the incubator, you will get a vast pan-based chamber, sterilization cycle, dry environment, IR sensor, graphical data, etc.

Both of these organizations offer not only the best CO2 incubators but also many other biomedical testing equipment. They provide optimum quality at the best prices in India. Even according to the specific requirements, these organizations can personify the CO2 incubator instruments. You will find a wide range of CO2 incubators in both companies. For more information, you should visit their website. Their customer care executives are waiting round the clock to serve all your queries.

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