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5 NBFCs Offering Personal Loans Catered To Women

Women today are making remarkable strides in diverse fields. To support their financial needs and aspirations, certain NBFCs offer personal loans exclusively for women. These institutions empower women by providing convenient and flexible financing options. Whether it’s starting a business, pursuing education, or achieving personal goals, these five NBFCs are leading the way in helping women attain financial independence and success. Read on to find out which ones they are!

Poonawalla Fincorp

Poonawalla Fincorp has emerged as a dynamic Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that is redefining financial solutions in India. Led by Abhay Bhutada, Poonawalla Fincorp’s MD., the company has quickly gained prominence as a reliable and customer-centric NBFC.

Poonawalla Fincorp is known for its comprehensive suite of loan offerings, and for women, it offers an unsecured personal loan for women. By offering a loan amount that goes as high as Rs 30 lakh, a competitive interest rate starting from 9.99%, and a long tenure of 60 months, you needn’t worry about any of your financial requirements with Poonawalla Fincorp.

Customer satisfaction is a paramount focus for Abhay Bhutada, the Managing Director of Poonawalla Fincorp. The company focuses on delivering a seamless and hassle-free borrowing experience by leveraging technology and streamlining processes. Their website is user-friendly, enabling customers to access information, apply for loans, and track their applications with ease, making the entire lending process convenient and transparent.

Tata Capital

Tata Capital offers a tailor-made personal loan for women, and what’s unique about it is that Tata Capital also offers loans to housewives – the only condition here is that they would require a co-applicant with documented salary.

With competitive interest rates and repayment terms, women can fund education, weddings, and a lot more without collateral. The loan amount and interest rate start at Rs 2 lakh and 10.99%, respectively. These loans are available for up to 6 years. Tata Capital provides quick disbursal, no pre-payment fees after 6 months, minimal processing fees, and flexible repayment tenures. Through this personal loan offering, Tata Capital is transforming opportunities for women’s financial independence.

Tata Capital is led by Rajiv Sabharwal, MD and CEO. He has 28+ years of experience in banking and financial services and is recognized for his stellar contributions to India’s Retail Banking and Real Estate sectors.

Bajaj Finserv

This leading NBFC in India offers a variety of loan products, and personal loan for women is among them. What sets Bajaj Finserv apart from its competitors is that it personal loans in three variants – Flexi Term Loan, Flexi Hybrid Loan, and Term Loan.

Women can avail of loans up to Rs 40 lakh. With flexible tenure options ranging from 6 months to 96 months, you can choose a repayment period that suits your needs. As Bajaj Finserv has a quick approval and disbursal process, you can be assured that the funds will reach you quickly.

Led by Sanjiv Bajaj, the Chairman and Managing Director, Bajaj Finserv has become a prominent financial services company in India, offering diverse solutions in the areas of lending, insurance, and wealth advisory. With a focus on digital innovation and customer-centricity, they have transformed consumer financing in the country.

Fullerton India

Fullerton India’s personal loan for women is designed to empower them by providing a reliable source of funds. Offering competitive and even preferential interest rates, Fullerton ensures that women can access the necessary funds for any purpose.

This NBFC offers personal loans for women up to Rs 25 lakh, with a maximum tenure of 60 months and an interest rate starting from 11.99%. The loan application process is simplified, with minimal documentation, which will allow you to focus on your goals rather than getting tangled in paperwork.

Fullerton India is led by CEO and MD Shantanu Mitra, who has over 40 years of experience in financial services. With his experience in risk and people management, his vision is to propel the NBFC to new heights while traversing the challenges faced by the BFSI industry.

IIFL Finance

The last one on this list is IIFL Finance. This NBFC understands the difficulties faced by women when they apply for a loan. To this end, IIFL Finance offers personal loans for working women to realize their dreams.

IIFL Finance offers up to Rs 50 lakh, for a tenure of 3.5 years, and a rate of interest that starts at 11.75%. The simple application process and quick loan approval make applying for a personal loan at IIFL Finance worthwhile.

Nirmal Jain, the founder of the IIFL Group, serves as the Managing Director and has been instrumental in leading IIFL Finance to become a renowned NBFC. With 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry, Jain has played a crucial role in shaping the reputation of IIFL Finance.

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