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5 IVR Testing strategies to raise your Customer Experience (CX) game

Customer experience (CX) is the power broker of business success: Fact. Aspirational, half-hearted, half-baked nods to CX are not good enough. Modern consumers have unprecedented means to make their wishes felt and their displeasure known. The purpose of an IVR system is to ensure that these wishes are fulfilled and your CX credibility is bolstered, however, this can only be achieved if there are vigorous IVR testing services frameworks in place supporting your efforts.  

Let’s take a look at some IVR testing strategies to ensure you hit the CX heights.

1. Empathy test

There’s nothing like experience to build empathy. We can survey our customers all we like but it’s never going to help us gain a true understanding of their journey. We need to see what it is like to navigate through our IVR. We need to be on the receiving end of wait times, menu options, and localization messages. We need to hear personalized greetings to determine if they are hitting the mark. We need to travel that IVR call path to learn whether there is a simpler, faster, nicer way to deliver the information our customers need.

Manually trawling through your IVR on any kind of consistent basis is a very laborious and cost-intensive process. Spearline’s IVR Tester transcription feature automatically dials and travels through each pathway of your IVR, capturing and transcribing every audio prompt on the way. Our transcription feature makes it easy for you to ensure that the correct information is offered to your customers and speeds up the process of finding and fixing errors or breakages with your IVR.

2. Complexity test

Unfortunately, most callers aren’t reaching out to tell you how much they like you. They need something and they need it now. Unnecessarily complex IVR menus and inappropriate or outdated messaging will only serve to confuse and frustrate your callers. Use your IVR testing processes to weed out superfluous menu options. Listen for unnecessarily complex language and messages and replace them with options that are easy to comprehend and serve the objective of hastening your customer’s journey to the information they need.

Mapping out your IVR will provide you with complete clarity on the pain points in your customers’ IVR journey.  Spearline’s IVR testing tool automatically makes calls that traverse every possible IVR interaction route, providing you with a complete visual map of all potential journeys and endpoints, You can then view your map interactively on the Spearline platform and even export it as a PNG image to share with users who don’t have access to the platform.

3. Global test

There is no cookie-cutter, universally accepted approach to IVR system design that will guarantee optimal CX. Your IVR testing strategy has to extend to every geographical location your customers may call from, no matter how disparate or remote.

Testing your IVRs operability and efficacy across a wide geographical spread is no small task. Still, it is essential to ensure that you understand how your IVR is performing and whether it is providing the localized menu and messaging options needed to meet your customer’s expectations.

Spearline can take the pain out of this process. Using in-country network operators, our IVR Tester helps verify your customer call flows globally. With our IVR Tester, you can be sure that your customers are hearing the right IVR options and localization messages from your auto attendants, no matter where they are calling from.

4. Non-stop test

IVR systems are often quite complex and are typically created using third-party software. It is not uncommon to outsource IVR development to external teams and companies who may use a wide variety of tools in the system design. And IVRs evolve, updating and adding new options and routes, often using various features for dynamic switching of agent locations or call routes. Errors, misconfigurations and redundancies are always a possibility and, unless your team is manually trawling through every inch of your IVR regularly, you will not become aware of the problems until your customers make you aware of them.  

Automated IVR testing tools like Spearline’s can run inside or outside working hours, capturing every interaction along every node of an IVR. Using automated IVR testing tools is the best way to ensure that your testing objectives are attainable and repeatable. Remember, IVR testing is for life, not just for Christmas.

5. Scale test

There’s no shame in planning for success. If you wait for demand to increase before you think about how you might scale to meet that demand, it will probably be too late. Use your IVR testing processes to help visualize how you will scale for the future. Comprehensive IVR testing services will lay your IVR bare, enabling you to see areas for improvement and expansion.

Good IVR testing will reveal issues with legacy IVR systems that may be hindering progress. Regular, automated IVR mapping, available with Spearline’s IVR Testing tool, make it easier to migrate interactive voice response flows from one system to another if you are switching providers or moving to a cloud-based IVR provider. IVR testing provides you with complete visibility into your IVR landscape, making it easy to prune outdated menu options, unnecessary call pathways, and inject new/updated localization and messaging options and additional support features like information on websites and social media channels.

Testing times

IVRs get a bad rap. Some customers are willing to go to great lengths to circumvent them altogether, so it’s up to us to ensure that our IVRs are so good that our customers will enjoy using them. However, we cannot hope to achieve triumphant CX levels if we don’t build a framework of comprehensive, continuous IVR testing. Tools like Spearline’s IVR Tester  make our CX ambitions much more achievable. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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