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5 Home Decor Elements that Blend Style and Sustainability

It is quite easy to get lost in the world of home decor online, especially on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Where the content is flooded with aesthetic trends. Most of us are guilty of spending hours scrolling content on these websites, exploring the top DIY home decor trends, furniture styles, and different home designs – daydreaming about how each piece or idea will look implemented in our flats in Calicut.

Sadly most of these quick creative decor hacks and interior home design inspirations clash with a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

However, the home decor industry is slowly changing with the environmentally-woke modern homeowners. In the last decade.

people have been trying to incorporate sustainability in their interior design and are investing more in eco-friendly home decor online.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most popular home decor ideas online that successfully incorporate style with sustainability. By implementing these ideas in your decor you will be able to revamp your space with the latest trends while doing your bit to keep the planet green and healthy for the generations to come. 


  1. Grow Indoor Plants

Currently, Indoor plants are amongst the top 10 trends of home decor online so much so that they are dominating the home design phenomenon. Every reception and most homes have at least one plant adding a pop of lush green to the space.

Apart from producing an extra flow of oxygen, succulents and air-purifying plants also instill a vibrant essence of nature indoors. They add a decorative element to the decor while offering fresher air.

Ensure that you only use natural fertilizers and ceramic or wooden-based pots for the plants in your home to follow this agenda.

You can research different plants online, and invest in the one that suits your lifestyle. If you live in a city with high pollution levels, you should definitely invest in a set of air-purifying plants, or if you are new to the trend. You can always start with low-maintenance plants from the cactus family. The extra oxygen produced by the plants in your home will help banish the airborne toxins in your space as well as they will also add fortune to your home. Even according to flats in Calicut decor India Vastu practices and Feng Shui science. Plants are considered auspicious and calming; so, you can try to experiment with some plants.

If you are an amateur gardener you can explore a wide variety of indoor plants on different home decor online stores. Most of these plant-based websites provide detailed guidelines for maintaining each type of plant. So you will be able to take care of it without any trouble.

  1. Shop from Local Store Online and Offline

A lot of big home decor companies. Brands are not only guilty of producing high levels of pollution. But they also exploit local artists by copying their works and not sharing the appropriate amount of profit. Most local artists, especially in India make all their products by hand. You can support the work of these artisans by purchasing their products directly from them. Instead of a branded home decor store in a mall.

Also, if possible you should try to minimize your online shopping sprees. As you are supporting the shipping industry with every order that demands transportation, and trucks emit a lot of carbon dioxide and also require high consumption of fuel.

So, if possible try to shop for products from local artists and brands. And if you are shopping online try to shop within the country.

  1. Learn to Revamp and Reuse 

The planet is struggling with the amount of waste we produce every year. So, creating more waste by replacing something that we already have just to follow a trend is not the right way to go about things.

With sites like Pinterest and YouTube, flooding with the content of DIY projects on how to revamp furniture, accents, etc, – we being the cause of all the pollution on the land, ocean, and air should at least try to revamp and reuse our home interiors when the purchase is not absolutely necessary. Also, you can always ensure that the home decor online brands you are investing in produce

Their products in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Most home decor India stores tend to use eco-friendly raw materials because of the wide popularity of handmade art. So you can explore them too.

  1. Change Your Lighting

Small changes in your flats like replacing your light switches can make your space more sustainable. Dimmers require low electricity in comparison to regular lights and lamp bulbs. So, create a romantic

environment in your flats by using dimmers for fixtures in any room that doesn’t require a lot of lights. Dimmers look great in the living room and dining area as their light creates a cozy ambiance. By using the right dimmer switch around your flats you can reduce your energy consumption

which will also help you save some money and decrease your carbon footprints. Lights are an essential home decor element that makes your flats look welcoming,

so we suggest you add these hardware updates to your next house-revamping to-do list.

  1. Use Reclaimed Wood 

Whether you are buying new pieces or upgrading your old cabinets, furniture or floors opt for reclaimed wood. This type of wood is recycled; hence, it doesn’t have any negative impact on the planet.

Recycled wood does the same job, without damaging the planet. So try to use it whenever possible in your home decoration instead of buying new wooden

blocks or furniture that has been recently cut from healthy oxygen-supplying trees. Reclaimed wooden works are used by several brands so you can find them quite

easily in the shape of barn-style windows, bedroom doors, and floating wall shelves.

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