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5 Freaky Behaviors You’ve Never Seen Before

Freaky Behaviors You've Never Seen

Freaky Behaviors you’ve Never Seen before you thought you knew everything there was to know about animals. You’ve seen them in their natural habitats, and they’re all so interesting. But it turns out that there are some Freaky behaviors that even the most seasoned experts have never even imagined.

Freaky Quotes for Instagram show you some of the most bizarre things that animals have ever done. There’s no way you would’ve thought to look for it, but now that you know about it, you’re going to be looking for these Freaky behaviors everywhere.

Here are five of them:

Shaking a rattlesnake as fast as you can is an effective way to survive an attack.

If a rattlesnake is trying to eat you and you’re in the water, shake it off. Snakes are not good at keeping a grip on their prey, they’re not good at making decisions, they’re not good at choosing their prey and they aren’t any good at hunting. They also can’t hunt because of how slow they move (about 1 mile per hour).

Let’s just get this out of the way: snakes are bad at escaping from things that are trying to eat them. If there’s one thing that is true about snakes, it’s that they have no defense mechanism against animals who want them dead, unless those animals themselves get eaten by other animals. Do you see where this is going?

A small percentage of people like their food hot.

A small percentage of people like their food hot, hot, hot. You know the type. They’re not afraid to ask for extra jalapenos on their burrito and they always order their pho with extra chili peppers.

These heat seekers may be a bit surprised to learn that there’s an actual medical condition called cheilophagia, a fancy term for an addiction to spicy food. People with this addiction often find themselves consuming large quantities of spicy foods and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they can’t get them.

The reason some people crave spicy food is still somewhat unclear, but some research suggests that it has something to do with pain sensation receptors in your mouth (the same ones that respond when you eat hot peppers). Other studies suggest that eating spicy foods activates the reward centers in your brain because they contain capsaicin, the chemical responsible for spiciness, which naturally makes us feel good.

Jellyfish can compete in a 5K or even a marathon.

  • Jellyfish are surprisingly strong swimmers. They can swim long distances, at a steady speed, in any direction (up, down, or sideways). They can even compete in a 5K or marathon.
  • The average jellyfish is about the size of your thumb and weighs less than an ounce but is still able to outswim you. Their flagella (the structure that allows them to move) have been recorded at speeds upwards of 15 mph.

Some fish throw up for fun.

Did you know that fish can throw up? Well, they can. They do it all the time.

There are several reasons why a fish might choose to regurgitate its stomach contents:

  • To clean their stomachs after eating too much food at once.
  • To get rid of parasites (such as worms) that may be living inside them.
  • To get rid of the food they don’t like or don’t need anymore, like uneaten bits of plant material or dead prey animals.
  • And sometimes just for fun.

A few butterflies can smell like rotting meat.

Have you ever wondered how butterflies can smell with their eyes closed? Well, they don’t. When it comes to smelling, butterflies use their wings.

In a study published in the Journal of Chemical Ecology, researchers found that monarch butterflies can smell the difference between a flower and a rotting carcass. And since monarchs are not very picky about what they eat, this is an important skill to have.

But even more impressive is their ability to distinguish between male and female moths (and other species) by their pheromones or chemical signals released during mating season. This is done using antennae-like organs called sensible on each wing’s surface that detect stimuli like light and temperature changes within the environment as well as chemicals released from potential mates or predators nearby.

You’ve never seen these behaviors.

Behaviors are a part of life, but there are some behaviors you have never seen before. Some of these Freaky behaviors are weird and some of them aren’t so weird. There are many more behaviors that you have never seen before and can learn about by reading this article. You can learn how to do these new behaviors yourself.

In conclusion, the world is a fascinating place and there are many things that we don’t know. We hope you enjoyed reading about these five strange behaviors, and maybe even learned something new today.

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