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5 Creative Uses For Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are commonly utilized boxes. They are made in numerous shapes, types, and designs. Various customizations are also used on these packages to enhance their look and sturdiness.

Laminations and printings are done on these bundles according to the company’s specifications. There are many companies that are offering cheap custom cardboard box printing.

5 Creative Uses For Cardboard Boxes

Nowadays, almost all products are wrapped up in cardboard boxes. Because of this reason, many people have cardboard boxes at their place. However, people do not think to reuse these packages. Instead, they think to throw it or sell it.

Throwing is not an option at all when you can make use of these boxes in numerous ways. At the moment, we are going to tell you about the 5 Creative uses for Cardboard Boxes. Have a look:

1. Apartment Door Numbers

If you live in the apartments then you have to change the cardboard box to your door numbers. All you need is to get the cardboard box and then write down numbers on it. you can use your imagination and creativity to beautify your apartment door numbers.

 It is quite an easy task which will only take around 30 minutes. In case you do not want to write and draw the numbers onto the door then you can simply make a design on the PC by using the software. Also, you can download a template design. Just take out the printout of the design and then paste it into the cardboard box. Simple as that!

2. Recycled Cardboard Belted Storage Tote

You can now transform cardboard boxes into beautiful storage totes by just using your creativity. All you need is a number of tools and items. You have to cover the boxes with the fabric of your choice and then add the old belt to make the handle.

In the storage totes, you can easily put a lot of toys, supplies, tools, and other stuff. You can put it in any place in your room. To enhance its beauty, you can do printing or make designs on the boxes.

3. Recycled Cardboard Photo Frame

If you want to have a beautiful photo frame for yourself then there is no need to purchase one from the stores. You can make it all by yourself at home. You can take a cardboard box and then use numerous customizations to turn it into a beautiful photo frame. This frame can be made entirely from recycled cardboard. If you are concerned that your picture will get moist and will be destroyed then not to worry! The cardboard will not get moist and will keep your photo safe and sound.

4. Recycled Cardboard Sunburst Mirror

It is a frame that you can make by just using the recycled cardboard box. All you have to do is to cut and then roll the cardboard. Ensure that the circles are made in a proper manner. After that, you have to assemble them in a beautiful pattern and then use glue on some spaces.

Now you have to use other decorative items along with your mirror. It is really an awesome project which will look like a decorative item in your room.

5. Decoupage Cardboard Trays

You can now change the cardboard box into the cardboard tray! All you have to do is to use three trays for everything from the jewelry to any number of the other items that you need to store, and they are super easy to create.

There is no need to purchase the tray when you can make one. Just shape up the cardboard and then form the tray. You have to cover it with fabric, scrapbook paper, or any other thing of your choice.

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