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5 Best Backlinks Checker Tools For Small Business In 2023

Developing your independent business endeavor can be quite a hassle. There are a lot of things you have to keep in mind. Some of these things can be done manually, while for others, you will have to fall back on software.

One such area of concern will be selecting the perfect backlink checker tool. If you do not build good quality backlinks supporting your website, lesser are the chances for your website to rank in the Google search engines. You have to keep a vigilant eye on the backlink profile of your website.

But, don’t you worry. This article here is your one-stop solution for all your problems. Keep scrolling through this article to know more about the best backlink checker tools. 

When in business, it is a prerogative for you to keep a check on the backlinks of your competitors, as well.  These tools are like those well-equipped corporate lawyers.

Giving you the idea and opportunity to build quality links that are relevant to your website. Some of the common features of a backlink checker tool include:

*Helps to index faster.

*Helps to boost your search engine rankings.

*It also helps you direct referral traffic to your website.

* Helps to track your as well as your competitor’s website’s backlinks.

However, these requirements can only be met by using some of the best backlink checker tools.  Here’s presenting the top 5 backlink checker tools to compliment your small business.

It is one of the most powerful backlinks checker tools, hence has attained the privilege of being positioned as number 1.

It has got an enormous backlink database consisting of more than 41,263,000,000,000 backlinks, in total. 

Some notable features of this backlink checker tool include:

*Filtering of backlinks and categorizing them as, nofollow, dofollow, and sponsored links.

*One can even get information on which backlinks are deleted and when.

* With the help of Semrush one can also find linking domains, inbound links, URLs, and subdomains, of other websites. 

*Using this backlink checker tool one can also verify the authority of a domain so that trusting the referring domains becomes easy. 

*It also gives you the ability to identify, text, frame, form, image, and several other backlink types.

Although Semrush is open to offering a free trial for its users, it also does consist of three paid plans.

It consists of three plans respectively, with the Pro plan starting from $119.95 on a monthly basis. The Guru plan starts from  $229.95 on a monthly basis and a Business plan starts from $449.95, on a monthly basis.

Positioned second on the list of the backlinks checker tools, Ahref is one of the most efficient tools possible, which can crawl over 6.56 billion pages, every day.  Ahrefs currently consists of over 25.01 trillion backlinks resourced from 170 million domains – in their database.

Some notable features include:

*To figure out the key backlink metrics which help determine the quality of links., ‘DR’ and ‘URL Rating’, easily.

*Easy locating lost as well as new backlinks, along with the total no. of referring domains.

*Provides a full list of anchor phrases, that point towards the targeting websites. 

It does not offer a free trial, unlike other tools. What it offers is, subscription plans that suit beginners, bloggers, law firm  SEO services, and agencies. The plans start from $99 and go up to $999, on a monthly basis.

Moz Link Explorer has probably, the largest live backlink index consisting of more than 40.7 trillion links, ranging from 718 million domains.

Some features include:

*Locating broken links on your websites and checking spam scores of backlinks, becomes a cakewalk with this tool.

* Helps to monitor the new & lost links of any website.

*Helps to rate a website on the basis of the key metrics, DA, PA, Spam Score, etc. 

Moz does offer a 30-day free trial with four subscription plans running from $99 to $599, on a monthly basis, which suits all.

This free-to-access backlink checker tool has got certain notable features, which include:

*Keeping track of your own website backlink.  

*Helps you identify the link-building opportunities to enhance your website quality. 

*Helps you discover the top-performing pages of your competitor, along with easy access to their backlinks.

*Easy access to 3 years’ worth of backlink history, of any website.

Although, a free-to-access tool Ubersuggest offers three subscription plans ranging from $120- $400, for life. The best part is that these plans are refundable if you do not like certain features. One of the basic human rights.

Last but not least, is another backlink checker tool known as, Serpstat. One of the highest-rated SEO toolkits employed by 530k people across the globe. If the calculated on the basis of current data then Serpstat, has a collection of backlinks data of 1.2 million domains, worldwide.

Some of the notable features include:

*With the help of this tool, you can get backlink data in its entirety. Even the ones that have been collected over the last 2 years. Get full backlinks data that is collected over the last two years

*Gives easy access to the quality scores of the domains, you are referring to.

*Serpstat helps you discover linked domains, referring domains, and internal links, -of any particular website.

*Not just that, it also helps you discover the pages which tend to attract the most backlinks.

*Help in the easy examination of backlinks & anchor lists of your competition business.

Serpstat does offer a seven-day free trial for its users. Other than that, they have got four paid plans which include: a Lite plan starting from $51.75 on a monthly basis, a Standard plan starting from $111.75 on a monthly basis, an Advanced plan starting from $224.25 on a monthly basis, and an Enterprise plan starting from $374.25 on a monthly basis.


After reading the above article, I am certain that you are somewhat comfortable with the workings of the backlinks checker tools. When encountering these tools, you won’t be all alien about it. 

This friend of yours can guarantee you this much, at the least. However, in case you’ve got any other points to share with us, the comments section is all yours.

We’d love to hear back from you.

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