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5 Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Outdoors

When you collect your mail, you expect to find the usual bills, coupons, and paper junk. But not today – your monthly subscription package is on the porch. The contents of the cardboard box remain a mystery until you cut through the packaging tape to reveal a carefully curated collection of goods for your next outdoor expedition. Sounds appealing? It’s time to join up for a subscription box service — and there are lots to pick from.

Subscription box services add a fun twist to purchasing the things you like. Each subscription provider offers a cost-saving incentive; hence the subscription is less expensive than the total cost price of the individual contents. There’s a box for almost every outdoor activity, and the gear selection includes puffy coats, flashlights, knives, guidebooks, and more. The best part is the excitement of anticipating your next shipment and the surprise of receiving a fresh box each month or quarter.

For adventure enthusiasts, there are several possibilities. To help you narrow your options, we’ve compiled a selection of our two best outdoor gear subscription boxes for nature enthusiasts, survivalists, and adventure seekers. But first, let’s define subscription boxes.

What Is an Outdoor Subscription Box?

Outdoor subscription boxes are monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly supplies of outdoor-friendly attire, food, and gear. Some boxes provide curated selections of general things, while others specialize in themes such as camping, jogging, fishing, and children’s items. Typically, subscription firms offer a fixed quantity of full-size goods each month or a limited retail value for each box.

The pricing of outdoor subscription boxes varies depending on the box’s theme and the quality and volume of goods. On average, outdoor subscription boxes cost around $25 and $40 every monthly box, with quarterly boxes costing more—sometimes up to $200 or more. Many outdoor subscription box providers offer free delivery, while some charge an extra cost.

1. BattlBox

This subscription is perfect for hunters, anglers, bush crafters, and survivalists. You can get a shovel and shooting guide one month, then a sleeping bag and camp stove the next.

There are four distinct packages to pick from, all stocked with field-tested survival necessities. They include Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. These packages allow you to cut down or level up depending on how much stuff you desire.

The Pro Plus is a costly but fantastic opportunity for big spenders to stay ahead of the curve. This premium bundle comprises renowned brands like Kershaw, Gerber, and Bastion. Again, you can alter or cancel your membership whenever you wish.

       2. Crate Club

Crate Club is the best quarterly subscription for military, tactical, survival, and EDC goods. This brand’s gear and equipment are always hand-selected and field-tested before being included in each box by tactical and survival experts. In this subscription, you’ll receive items like knives, tools, EDC gear, backpacks, med kits, gun parts and accessories, sunglasses, and other essential survival gear.

Crate Club offers adventure gear and equipment from trusted companies such as Olight, Sig Sauer, Bushnell, MagPul, Gerber, CRKT, and more. There are three crate levels to pick from based on your budget and outdoor needs, and their prices range from $49.99-$399.99 for professional tacticians.

5 Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you purchase an outdoor subscription box:

  1. Great value for money

It is cheaper to acquire outdoor supplies through a subscription box than to purchase the individual components. For instance, if you pay $70 for a subscription box, you may realize the total value of the individual components is $120 or even $200.

In addition, a high-quality subscription box for outdoors contains hand-picked, full-size goods with a high retail value and competitive monthly pricing.

     2. Convenience

Subscription boxes can be handy for people who despise shopping or don’t have the time for it. Notably, the subscription provider delivers everything right to your home. It’s a boon to have adventurous treats brought to your porch automatically every month.

   3. Hand-picked products

Your collection is picked up in many subscription boxes based on your taste and preference – food, gear, attire, and such. Moreover, the products are pre-vetted by professionals, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

This might be a great bonus for folks who struggle to locate what they want while shopping. And when you know that your products were carefully picked for you adds a little more excitement to each box you get.

  4. It’s an opportunity to try out new things.

Although many subscription boxes are specifically tailored for you, they may also contain products or equipment you’ve never used. This can be a good opportunity for sampling the products you typically wouldn’t.

  5. All-inclusive

Many outdoor subscription boxes focus on gear, such as water bottles, backpacks, flashlights, carabiners, and other equipment. These boxes also include items convenient for use outdoors, such as socks, neck gaiters, and beanies. Some subscriptions are specialized for certain activities. For instance, running or cycling subscription boxes can contain gear and equipment designed for athletes.


Outdoor subscription boxes are a fun and easy way to discover new things that may improve your outdoor experience. Monthly and quarterly boxes with snacks, gear, and clothes are also terrific options present, especially for outdoor lovers who have it all. Use this guide to learn the benefits you can enjoy from subscription boxes.

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