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Know the 5 Advantages of Playing Casual Games – SLASHY


Casual gaming has become very prominent in the gaming industry today. Young and old, everyone has started playing these casual games Like ” SLASHY ” these days. Now, you must already know what these casual games are. As the name itself suggests, they are casual by nature, most lightweight, and you can play them on your mobile phones. There is absolutely no hassle of getting either a computer or a gaming console or even getting up from wherever you are relaxing. You simply need to take out your mobile phones or iPads, and you are all set to ride the casual gaming express.

What are Casual Games?

In fact, these games are so integrated into social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok that you are most likely to find the younger generation indulging in these games. Now, there are quite a few reasons why you will find so many people playing these games. I have listed some of the common ones so that you get a fair idea about the benefits of playing such games and maybe, be a part of it soon.

Here they are.

1. It Relaxes You:

Well, first things first. Games, especially casual games, can definitely put your mind to ease. It helps you relax and calm down. You can easily play a casual game after you come home from work and can see a change in your mood for the better. Because they are so engaging, you will, for a moment, forget all about your worries and delve into the abyss of pleasure with these games.

2. It Cures Boredom:

Now, boredom is one of those diseases that can affect everyone at any time. It can be really acute sometimes if one has no activity to indulge in. However, worry not. You can always pick up your phone and start playing any game from among the thousands that are available. It not only keeps boredom at bay but also elevates your mood. They are addictive in nature, and your chances of getting bored are unlikely, trust me.

3.  Less Time-Consuming:

Most hardcore games are quite addictive, and so are casual games. But there is a difference. While one ends up spending hours on computer games, you can always pause and resume the game later without wasting a whole lot of time. That is one of the best perks of casual gaming. They are addicting, and yet do not take up all of your time. You play them in short bursts and resume them whenever you have time. This allows you space to do other activities in your daily life.

4. Simple User Interface:

Nobody really wishes to play games that are complex in their gameplay. Most would skip them, and that is not really good for the makers of the game in getting more audience. But casual games are fairly easy and have a simple interface so that playing them becomes more fun. A user-friendly interface would draw the attention of many people who would want to give it a try. They may not possess any advanced gaming skills, yet can easily play such games and reap the benefits.

5. Many Options Available:

You will find that there are hundreds of thousands of casual games available on the App Store and Play Store. The options to choose from are many. Now, this variety adds to the beauty of casual games. In fact, they also vary in genres. For instance, you’ll find them in the guise of puzzle games, adventure games, whodunit games, racing games, and more. It leaves you with the option to play from a wide range of games and you will only keep wanting for more.

For example, you can play some of the popular games such as Slashy by Camel Motion, Battle Cats, and Helix Jump, among many others.


These are some of the common benefits of playing casual games. As you play them, you will see changes in your mood for the better. You will also find yourself getting more draws to these games. They are most popular among the younger generation but even the adults are seen playing them as well. Casual games are for everyone regardless of age and other factors. So, start downloading them and reap maximum benefits.

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