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4 Ways to Design Your Fashion to Differentiate You from the Rest

Octobers Very Own 2013 Hoodie

You love their Bohemian, artsy, yet chic hoodie styles. You obsessed over every detail in their stores, from the packaging to the clothes. So you saved up your hard-earned money and maybe even splurged a little on that one piece that would make you feel like you finally were cool. But then you got home and realized half the girls in your grade also bought the same dress. Style is supposed to reflect who you are as a person, but how can you differentiate yourself from the Rest when it feels like everyone shops at the same stores? Below are four ways you can design your fashion to reflect your unique personality and make sure you always stand out from the Rest.

1. Customize your Hoodie with patches and pins

It is easy and affordable to add some edge to your look Octobers Very Own without spending hours sewing or gluing on embellishments. Buy some enamel pins that reflect your interests, or pick up some vintage patches at your local thrift store to iron on your jean jacket or backpack. Not only will this give new life to some of your older pieces, but it’s also a great conversation starter. You might make a new friend or two along the way.  

2. Support small businesses and ethical brands

When you buy from small businesses and independent designers, you can be sure that no one else will be wearing what you’re wearing. You’re also supporting hard-working people chasing their dreams, which is always a good feeling. Most small businesses and ethical brands have fantastic stories behind their products that you’ll love hearing. 3. DIY some of your clothing items.

4.just slightly creative Hoodie

Designing your own clothing is a great way to go if you’re crafty or just slightly creative. You can draw inspiration from everywhere—Pinterest, magazines, other people’s outfits—and put your spin on it. Sewing isn’t as tricky as it looks, and there are tons of YouTube videos and online tutorials that can teach you how to get started with basic stitches. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless!      

5. Shop Hoodie at unique stores

When everyone else is shopping at fast fashion retailers at fmerchandise.com, step outside of the box and explore some independent boutiques or vintage stores instead. These stores are often curated with more care and attention than big chain stores, so you’re bound to find something special. Plus, shopping at small businesses helps support them! Win-win.  


With a bit of time and effort, it’s not difficult to design your fashion hoodie that reflects your unique personality. By customizing clothes with patches and pins, supporting small businesses and ethical brands, DIY – ing some of your clothing items, or shopping at unique stores, you can be sure that you’ll always stand out from the Rest.

Article Source: techfily.com

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