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4 Ways Digitization Improves Law Enforcement

Modern Tech Aids Police

In all likelihood, if you’re reading this, you already understand the value of technology in police work. It’s not that police agencies don’t understand how valuable tech is. It’s that they often don’t have the budget to institute them. However, here’s the paradox: digitization of systems can prevent more crime, and facilitate better use of existing resources.

It’s the concept of an ounce of prevention weighing less than a pound of cure. A little investment now can save a lot of costs later. The thing is, police budgets are always minimal, and the capital requisite to initiating digitization may not be readily available. If it is, the time it takes for such systems to produce returns can be hard to justify before local authorities.

To that end, following we’re going to give your department a little ammunition. When county commissioners can justify expenditures based on data, that gives them the ability to make choices which facilitate their own political advancement. A win-win is possible. With that in mind, consider collecting localized information around the following points to make your case.

1. Expedited Response Times

Real-time GPS data in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data can more clearly reveal where units are in a given area, and which can most swiftly respond to a given emergency call. Furthermore, IoT data involved in fleet management can help you maintain police vehicles more efficiently, getting more performance from them at less cost.

You can keep vehicles in better working order, and optimize how local forces manage resources. Getting the balance right here will free up resources.

Basically, you’re reducing unexpected costs, which can both expand your margin of error, and the resources your department has on an ongoing basis. For the most effective law enforcement and justice, the right tools are key. Digitization puts those tools at your fingertips.

2. More Efficient Real-Time Surveillance

Real-time surveillance through IoT tech can put surveillance feeds in the hands of on-site officers. Where before, CCTV would send images to a hub somewhere, with IoT-based surveillance, anywhere anyone has web access can become a place where footage can be reviewed. Accordingly, diverse officers have more information to work from.

Plus, digitization techniques utilizing cloud tech and other innovations facilitate more space-effective long-term storage. You don’t need a room the size of an apartment to hold endless videotapes, you can keep all that info on a drive the size of your hand. Now a whole room in the department can be opened up for other uses.

3. Tech Provides Officers Advantages Over Criminals

Real-time surveillance via worn cameras replicating what officers see can produce a more accurate picture of a given situation. A big difficulty police often have in court is proving guilt. Better surveillance helps mitigate this difficulty.

Also, digitized resources optimized for real-time application can be used to track criminal movements. For example, real-time surveillance tech from choppers maps street names and the like on top of the footage, helping police find where fleeing criminals are more easily.

4. Greater Visibility of Existing and Needed Resources

IoT tech can make resources visible on a smart tablet with a simple tap. You can look at where response units are in real time, determine what resources are or aren’t on-site, and a whole lot more. When you know what you’ve got to work with, you can run your department better.

Giving Your Boys in Blue Every Advantage Possible
Greater visibility of resources, officers better equipped than criminals, optimized real-time surveillance, and faster response times are all aspects of police work that benefit from technological digitization. There is an expense involved in upgrading, but that expense is more than paid for in terms of how departments and communities benefit from this tech.

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