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4 Tips To Boost Employee Retention With Promotional Products

Employee retention is a massive challenge for businesses across the globe. Losing a good employee can be a costly affair because it is difficult to find new talent at the right price. Also, it’s difficult to find new employees who can quickly adapt to your organization’s culture and business goals.

At Promo Direct, we get plenty of requests for promotional products that can help retain employees for long periods. From office giveaways and imprinted bags to personalized ceramic mugs and promotional apparel, we offer the finest giveaways at budget-friendly prices. What’s more, our Fulfillment Service ensures that your personalized orders are shipped directly to the doorstep of your cherished employees.

1. Start with Welcome Kits for new employees

New employees often find it daunting at the workplace. They need to be provided with a warm welcome through kits featuring exciting giveaways. You could include printed t shirts, journals, and cool pens along with the employee manual and welcome letter. This will help new hires feel at ease in the new organization

2. Provide employees with rewards for their achievements

Employees who exceed expectations should be rewarded with gifts such as coupons or cash. You could also give away mementoes, medals or plaques that are available in the Promo Direct inventory.

3. Provide them with timely appreciation

Employees should feel that they belong to the organization. This can be done by showering them with appreciation whenever possible. Personalized coffee mugs or water bottles can come in handy in this scenario.

When employee feel appreciated, they will want to put more efforts to ensure each project is a success.

4. Show them that you care              

It’s important to show employees that you care for their well-being. You could host health awareness campaigns within the workplace and distribute handy giveaways such as pedometers, sports bottles, sanitizers, sunscreens, gel packs, pill boxes, spa kits, or First Aid kits from our inventory.

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