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4 Stages of a Supremely Successful Content Marketing Funnel

Before buying any product, customers do not only see the outcome. They need to know more about the product to decide between purchasing anything. the pros and cons of it. To consider a purchase, the potential customer reviews the content about that particular product.

If you provide accurate information about any product, it will lead you near to purchase.

Content Marketing helps you to map your content, which means that your content will be effective if it interacts with the audience at the right time. For example, if your products are helpful for Halloween, you should not post them in February because it is not a suitable time to post them, OR if your product consists of winter clothes, then you will post it in winter rather than in summer. Mapping your content means that your content needs to reach the targeted audience at the right time.

82% of people know about the content marketing funnel, and the rest of the 16% of people do not know the value of content marketing.

Content Marketing Funnel Stages

Several types of content marketing stages can be helpful. But we will keep it simple and easy for better understanding.

There are four main stages of the content marketing funnel.

  1. Awareness

Awareness of people’s problems is fundamental. In this stage, you can present your product as a solution to their problems. People are unaware of your brand; this is the best time to show up and make people purchase your products.

TOFU’s (Top Of Funnel) content focuses on educating people about their product and helps them make up their minds. To do the Content Marketing Funnel, firstly, create appealing content regarding your product that describes the benefits of your product and makes your targeted audience believe that it’s the only solution to their problem.

Then start posting your content on various platforms. You can use your content as a shareable blog post, infographics, videos, E-book, Podcast, social media post, cold emails, and contests.

Go through Google Analytics to review the availability of your shared material. You can see the response of your customers on those posts and how actively people are reaching toward your post. If you fail to gain the attention of the targeted audience, change your strategy and work accordingly. You need to stay composed and gathered to wait for your customers.

  1. Evaluation

Evaluation is the second stage of the content marketing funnel. In this stage, people get confused about whether to buy the product or not. They didn’t know your brand and wanted to read more about you and get information about the authenticity of your company. Branding your product with quality content will be helpful for the audience to convert into buyers. A few tips might help evaluate your product in a better way. To gain their audience’s attention, most marketers share content based on how to guide strategy. Some marketers also claim benefits from landing pages, and some use infographics, an informative way that goes viral quickly.

Your best content writing agency should also work on webinars and case studies. Showcase your knowledge and mold it according to the needs of your audience. Your audience needs to observe enough information about your service to make a fair decision about buying your services.

White papers, Useful resources, testimonial pages, comparison posts, or emails might also be helpful for the content marketing funnel.

  1. Conversion

People are ready to buy your services, but they need a valid reason why they should believe your services. Also, convince them that your services are beneficial for them. Give an apparent reason to your potential customers. Present your content by highlighting the other products of the same category to show the superiority of your product.

You can also demonstrate your services or show them the authentic reviews of your other customers.

The TOFU (Top Of Funnel) is the turning point of the new buyer’s journey. Solving the problem and showing expertise in this field keeps your customer engaged with your services. You can also inform your customers of possible ways your product can work for them. A product page, Spec sheets, pitch decks, comparison tools, and pricing page might also be workable at this stage.

  1. Delight

After convincing your customer to buy your services, it is the most critical stage that wants you to keep engaging your customers with your products. The delight stage is the most challenging because it needs more attention. You need to build a strong relationship with your customers to get better feedback and to make them work with you in the future. You can show them the upcoming project on which you are working. You should also show them the social posts, emails, and newsletters related to what you are up to now. Give priority to your customer’s problems and help them overcome them.

Build trust level between you and your customer. Also, ask your customer to leave a review of your services and reward them with an early preview and special promotions.

Announcements, Performance emails, surveys or polls, user forums, help articles, webinars, guides, and tools for continued learning might be helpful in this last stage.

Final Words

A strong content marketing funnel is the key to success. Mapping your content and planning content posting is the most time-consuming thing. Keeping your eyes on the targeted audience and taking care of their growth can guide you to improve your strategies. Getting the targeted audience as a customer and keeping them engaged is not easy, but that’s how you can market your content. Change your strategy if you see a change in reaching your audience. Always look for different ways to keep the audience engaged. Strong content is just a part of marketing; you need to check the metrics to see how well your content shows growth.

With a perfect content marketing strategy, your business will grow more with each step. The top funnel of content marketing is continuously giving your customers information about the new development of your services.

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