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4 Reasons Why Interior Shutters Will Always be in

Shutters have an old-world charm about them, and why not? They have been around for several centuries, making their way from Greece through the continent of Europe. We cannot picture a French Bistro without plantation shutters adorning the window frames. Over the years, they have been giving modern undertones, and the appeal continues to hold strong for shutters as a window treatment. The modern custom shutters, constructed with lightweight basswood and poplar, are versatile window treatments that are durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Exterior shutters are widely used to cover the windows and doors from the outside. Mostly, they make a decorative statement for windows as they frame them from the exteriors. However, the interior shutters are ergonomic and add to the window’s functionality and look. 

Here are 4 reasons why interior shutters will always be in

Layer shutters for beautiful decor

You can layer shade shutters and blinds to create beautiful tiers and add to the window’s functionality. You can use shutters as the main window cover of the side windows of the sweeping bay windows. Also, you can add horizontal vanes, blinds, or Roman shades for the center windows. One can mount two sets of double door windows for double-hung windows, one atop the other to give more options in sunlight filters. 

Customize shutters to match the interior

We can paint, stain or leave the interior shutters in natural wood color with a protective varnish. Window treatment designers can create custom shutters to match your décor needs. Most retailers have window décor designers who can guide you with the material you can choose for the window shutters, whether you should choose single or double doors, and how to color them. If you are looking for shutters within a limited budget, the PVC shutters are a great alternative that offers quality and a good appearance. The advantage of shutters is that they can be cut in the shape of the window to retain its arches too. 

Measuring the shutters

The window shutter measurement is done per the window’s size and shape. Most shades shutters and blinds manufacturers with an online presence will provide detailed guidance for measuring the window treatment. The customer service provider can guide you through the measurement telephonically. 

The many benefits of shutters

  • Shutters are energy-saving window treatments as they deflect the sunlight and naturally control interior temperatures. 
  • They are easy to clean as one can wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth.
  • They offer a lot of privacy as you can adjust the vanes to cover the windows completely. You can adjust the vanes to keep prying eyes at bay, but the interiors get natural light. 
  • Plantation shutters offer the highest functionality as their multiple ways to leverage their opening, partially and fully. One can control the room’s exterior view, light, and airflow and adjust the ventilation. With a crossbar, you can comfortably adjust the shutter vanes.
  • Shutters are safer for houses with children and pets because they don’t have dangling cords or strings. Children can maneuver the crossbar and shutter doors to open and close them. 
  • Shutters are built to last. Whether you choose genuine or faux wood, you will surely get a long life. The cost repays itself since one doesn’t have to replace the shutter every few years. Also, considering the next to nil maintenance costs and life of the shutter, if we spread the cost of the shutters over the years, it will be less expensive than most window treatments. 
  • If the shutters’ colors fade, you can touch the surface with a fresh coat of paint. In case, you have changed the room décor or color, you can also change the shutter colors to match it. If the hinges come loose, you can tighten them or change the bracket. The best part is we can refurbish the shutter multiple times rather than change it.

You can install shutters in any part of the room, and they will blend perfectly with the décor. They suit all decors and interiors. Whether it is a residential or commercial space, you can never go wrong with shutters!

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