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4 Fantastic Features of Cardboard Boxes That Prevent External Damage

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are among the different types of optimal packaging solutions in the market. They provide many benefits that other options have as well. However, the one distinctive factor that they possess is unmatched safety. The sturdiness of these boxes is one of the key reasons sellers prefer them for their products. They are highly capable of keeping the items safe and secure. They also give other amazing benefits, such as an amazing unboxing experience and appeal. However, the strength they hold is their highlighting feature. The prime reasons why this type of packaging is ideal for the shield of your products are listed below. 

Cardboard Boxes Have Durable Material:

The prime and most obvious purpose of packaging is to shield your goods from damage. It could happen during the transport, storage, or handling of products. And using cardboard boxes makes it possible to attain this goal. They are the perfect packaging solution as they come with durable materials in their construction. Their manufacturers always ensure to utilize the highest-grade and finest material in making these packages. The construction material itself has quite a durable and robust nature. So these qualities are then passed on to the containers as well. This is why it oozes safety and strength when the final package is ready. It is capable of keeping the products safe and sound.

Besides, you can make them from any hard material. These include e-flute corrugated paper, bux board, Kraft paper, and cardstock. All these materials come in a broad variety of weights. This feature allows the carton to remain structurally sound and keep the goods secure. Since they are strong, they retain their shape no matter what happens externally. Thus, they provide the additional support required to hold a heavier product. In short, these boxes protect the items from all damaging factors in every phase. They can even bear extreme pressure due to the presence of strong walls. This is why its safety is guaranteed when a product comes in these cartons. 

Custom Size and Shape:

Another feature that makes cardboard packaging boxes highly safe is that they come in custom sizes. Retailers can design and create these packages in any desired shape or size. Therefore, they can strictly follow the contours and dimensions of the goods that will fit within. In general, the risk of damage is higher when the packaging container is larger than the product. So, the products keep moving inside the box and bounce a lot. This element leads to damaged goods at last. But this is not the issue with custom cardboard boxes. Companies can create them based on the size of their products. 

Of course, when there is no space inside the box for the items to move freely, they will sit tight in their spot. They cannot budge from their position, even during the delivery phase or under pressure. This feature lessens the chances of damage and increases the safety of the goods. Further, these boxes are feasible for customization. You can design them in any dimension to satisfy your purchaser’s demands. Above all, they let manufacturers pick any thickness level. They can choose it per the delicacy of the goods within the container. Therefore, if the items are made even from glass, these packages can be very thick and long-lasting. 

Cardboard Boxes: Easy-to-Print Warning Labels:

Another amazing feature of cardboard packaging boxes that ensures safe product delivery is labeling. You can add details like the product’s nature, basic instructions, etc. This element can also help the sellers and receivers handle the box carelessly. For instance, you can use labels on both sides of the box to indicate that the products are delicate. You can also add an inner label to increase product security. This way, if the outer label is torn off or gets lost, the buyers will still have access to your company details. 

Besides, retail goods have various types. But one feature that remains common in all of them is the cautionary label. The safety and warning labels alert people that they should handle them with caution. That is why; people handle products with care during the loading and unloading processes during delivery. If the carton contains a glass item, you can imprint ‘handle it with care” or “do not use the blade to open the package.’ Thus, these boxes are key to making your item ship error-free.

Cardboard Boxes with Lamination or Coating

Your customers first interact with your brand’s packaging, not your product. It may leave an unpleasant impression if customers receive packaging with scratches or damaged items. You can use printed cardboard boxes to help you here. You can apply additional safety measures, such as coating or lamination. Let’s say you’re in the cosmetics industry. Therefore, when leaving your elixirs or creams in the sun, you should take precautions.

For this reason, UV-coated boxes are a good option. Let’s make it clearer with another example. Say you run a luxury business that manufactures watches. So, you can use these laminated boxes to make them water-resistant. In short, the lamination and coatings protect the box from scratches and friction and make it water and heat-resistant. 

In a nutshell, when it comes to the defense of your items, there is no option better than cardboard boxes. Even though the market is full of unlimited packaging choices, none matches these packages’ durability. Their robust construction material offers security and safety to the box design. Moreover, you can also make them in any shape or size per your buyers’ demands. The major reasons behind the utmost safety of this packaging are discussed in this article. They will certainly prove beneficial for your business in the long run.

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