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4 Easy Steps for Creating Highly Targeted Facebook Ads to Increase Facebook Likes

Have you ever considered using Facebook Ads in the hope of directing visitors to your site?

If you do, you’ll know the benefits of being less expensive and economical. If not, now is the time to give it a go. Seriously!

To increase their return on investment, More and more marketers are now using specifically targeted paid Facebook ads to drive traffic instead of investing vast sums of money on organic traffic. This is the truth!

Are we returning to our primary question: How can we use Facebook ads to boost Facebook likes?

Another critical element is the creation of HIGHLY targeted advertisements. But how?

Take these easy steps to make it right:

Set Your Ad Campaign’s Objective

Like any other marketing activity, it is essential to have an objective specific to the specific action you are taking click here.

Marketing goals can be of different types. Let’s consider several examples to illustrate Do you want to build brand awareness? Is your goal to engage your audience? Do you try to get people to your landing page?

Are you able to grasp it? The reasoning is straightforward. It is essential to understand the motivation behind each action of yours.

Design a particular Facebook Ad that will bring many likes to your page on Facebook. Your campaign would aim to engage with the users. Right?

Right! Then, choose Page Likes in the “Engagement” tab and then enter “Facebook Likes” in the “Campaign Name” field, as illustrated below.

Target People Within Your Business’s Target Demographic

When deciding who you would like your Facebook ad campaign to be viewed by, you must be extremely cautious because it will significantly impact the final results. You’re looking for more significant Facebook likes read more.

The people who fall within your business’s demographics tend to follow your business’s Facebook pages more than those who do not have anything to do with your company.

For example, if you own a brick-and-mortar establishment in Salt Lake City, people from Salt Lake City would be ideal customers than those from China. What do you think?

Go ahead and complete all the necessary details based on the method described earlier, using the above example as a model.

Importantly, however! Make sure to “Exclude people who like your Page” in the lower “Connections” section. Otherwise, it’s an unnecessary expense to market your page to those who already have.

Check Your Audience Size

The possible audience size for your particular Facebook advert you have created provides you with a valuable understanding of the number of people you will be able to get in touch with and which will be more inclined to become interested in the company, which is why they will be more likely to like your Facebook page according to the factors you’ve put in the earlier stage.

The ideal audience size to start with Facebook ads is between 100,000 to 500 000. You should find an audience of this size and set a budget for the day not less than $10 at the beginning. Then, determine how you will grow your Facebook likes each day, as calculated by Facebook. https://techfily.com/

Create Your Ad

The time has come to complete the final step! It is also the most fun step to finish.

Make sure you create a compelling headline for your Facebook page and describe what prospective customers can expect when following the page. Don’t forget to use stunning images you can’t resist glancing at.

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