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Nearly every team is now putting in a lot of blood and sweat in order to get themselves ready for the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, which will take place in just a few short months. The tournament will include the best battling sides from all over the world. Many regions of the globe, including as Australia, India, and New Zealand, have made investments in young bowlers, and there is a great deal of anticipation about the performances of these new bowling blood in the competition that is soon to take place.

There are a few promising young bowlers competing in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. These bowlers fall into two categories: speed bowlers and spin bowlers. Both of these types of bowlers have the potential to be the most influential sportsmen for their respective teams. Because of this, the following is a comprehensive report on the three young athletes who are genuinely on the brink of becoming large match-winning players in this major event being held by the ICC.

Umran Malik (INDIA)

Umran Malik, who is 22 years old and recently made his international debut against Ireland, took two wickets over the course of three matches. However, if we look beyond his numbers, the speed of 150 kilometers per hour or more with which he bowls could actually prove so lethal and take wickets on the bouncy and skidding tracks of Australia.

Malik will most certainly be selected in the squad for the forthcoming ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2022, and the selection committee will make their decision with the Australian pitches in mind. This will allow Malik to have the most possible influence on India’s side.

Tristan Stubbs (South Africa)

Tristan Stubbs, a young South African batsman, drew the attention of the whole cricket community during his first few matches on the international stage. In T20 cricket, he is known for being an impactful batter, as well as a great fielder and an occasional spin bowler. Even though the 21-year-old has only participated in a handful of international T20 matches for South Africa, his strike rate in these contests is more than 217.50.

In the most recent game of the series, which decided who would win the series between England and South Africa, Stubbs took a spectacular one-handed catch to remove Moeen Ali, the English vice-captain. If South Africa gives him a spot in their starting eleven for the forthcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2022, then he will unquestionably be the most fascinating player to watch in that tournament.

Henry Brooks Harry (ENGLAND)

On the pitch, Harry Brook has the same sort of personality that was described for the South African Tristan Stubbs earlier in this paragraph. In the English side, where he plays as a middle-order explosive batsman, Brook made his debut just a few games before, but he has a strong sense to be in the England squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022, where his role will be so crucial in the weak link middle model of the English side. Brook made his debut just a few games before.

Even if he only participated in two of the Twenty20 matches against India and didn’t make the most of his opportunities, this doesn’t indicate that his talent or power rating abilities aren’t any good.

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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