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2022 Haval H6 GT Ultra review: what impresses us most?

Wapcar Automotive News –  Surely you have seen a lot of Haval on the road. Their SUVs are bold and muscular, and if you haven’t come across the cap badge at the back, you can easily distinguish them by the thick chrome grille.

But now, the new Haval Malaysia 2023 has hit the streets of Oz. It’s a sportier, more fashionable SUV with a coupe-inspired design. In terms of styling, the H6 GT stands out, a must-have in the saturated and competitive mid-size SUV market. If you do not know, this type is the hottest in the Australian market. Therefore, to be successful, brands need to be strong and provide consumers with an exceptional value proposition.

The standard features are one of its main selling points, as there are so many of them. In the top-of-the-range H6 GT Ultra, it gets all-wheel drive with selectable driving modes, Michelin Sport tires, a head-up display, a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel. , heated and ventilated seats, front passenger seat with four power adjustments, wireless phone charging, ambient lighting in the cabin, a hands-free power tailgate and a panoramic sunroof.

To give you an idea of ​​how generous that is, we recently ran a test run of the 11-car Megatest midsize SUV, and no other car has all of these features. Most in the group don’t have heated seats or electric tailgates, and many don’t have wireless charging. 

What safety technology does Haval H6 GT have?

The Haval H6 GT Ultra comes with a host of standard safety features, including automatic emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, lane keep assist and lane change assist. road, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, rear cross-traffic alert with brake, front and rear parking sensors, 360-degree camera, tire pressure monitoring, traffic monitoring driver fatigue and seven airbags.

The only addition that I can’t figure out is the independent parking assist. I don’t care about those features because we’re all supposed to learn to parallel park with our permits, right? But in the spirit of testing the feature, I tried it out on a quiet street and, man, I’m glad it’s quiet.

There seem to be far too many steps for something that needs to be conducted at a fast pace. I mean, you’d want to ideally use this in a busy area when you’ve got traffic around and not just because you’re feeling a little lazy.

You’ll need to push the park assist button, enable the system, keep your eyes on the screen for the spot to pop up, select the space, tap another promp. This is probably the scariest part as it makes a screechy braking noise, so much so that it actually sounds like you’re running over something.

How much does Haval H6 GT maintenance cost?

The Haval H6 GT comes with a seven-year/unlimited mileage warranty, up from the industry average of five years.

The first service is due after 12 months or 10,000 km, then 12 months or 15,000 km from the second service.

Maintenance costs vary over a five-year period, with the first and fifth being the cheapest at $210 and the fourth most expensive ($580). Total maintenance cost for five years is $1760. Full insurance quote estimate is $1253.44 per year based on comparable quotes for a 35 year old driver living in Chatswood, NSW. Coverage estimates may vary depending on your location, driving history, and personal circumstances.

Does Haval H6 GT save fuel?

Haval claims 8.4 l/100 km on the combined cycle, with an urban claim of 10.2 L/100 km. With a combination of multiple driving modes, as well as a mix of driving conditions, however, mainly in urban driving, we came up with a record of 12.3L/100km. Not as close to its handheld as we’d hoped, but thankfully we didn’t run to the bowser, plus it can use 91 octane unleaded fuel.

What does the Havel H6 GT look like?

Under the hood of the Haval H6 GT Ultra is a 2.0-liter turbocharged, four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 150 hp and 320 Nm of torque, while a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is available. transmission to all four wheels.

The engine and transmission are the same as what you see in the regular (non-hybrid) H6 series. The power is plentiful and more than enough to take off with lights on, run on highways and overtake. Driving is a fairly comfortable experience, with a panoramic sunroof providing plenty of light to the cabin, while leather seats are plush and supportive.

Perhaps the GT’s biggest surprise is the addition of Race mode, which makes for an unexpected rumble and while it doesn’t give you incredible power, the difference is in the exhaust sound. immediately noticeable.

There are also Normal, Eco and several all-wheel drive modes. There is, however, a real problem when switching from Sport to Track mode, where the hazard warning light activates midway through the transition. Panicked that something was wrong with my car, I alerted the team and oddly enough, they were acutely aware of the strange scene. It’s a known thing at Havas. It’s not a big deal to be known about and we can only hope it’s something that gets fixed in the future. It seems pointless and can even be a bit dangerous to warn other drivers of a change in driving mode through hazard lights.

By the road rules in Victoria, hazards are only to be used when stopped or slowly moving and likely to obstruct vehicles or pedestrians, not to add some pizzaz to changing drive modes.

According to Victorian traffic law, hazards should only be used when stationary or in slow motion and likely to obstruct vehicles or pedestrians, without the need for spice when changing driving modes.

Haval’s supple suspension makes driving easy and smooth at high speeds, but the downside is that it doesn’t feel too smooth on rougher, bumpier roads.

Still, the cabin is pleasantly quiet with very little noise coming from the Michelin tires, even when navigating on rougher surfaces.

Cornering is fairly easy, but it has its moments, especially at higher speeds where it lacks body control. Another negative is that rear visibility is severely affected due to the sloping roof. Fortunately, the rearview mirror is large, and perhaps one of its greatest assets is the striking 360-degree camera.

Cameras are of the highest quality and make parking a lot easier – rely on it, if needed, instead of a parking aid.

One last thing to note is the inclusion of a custom button on the steering wheel, allowing you to easily cycle through your favorites, such as driving modes, steering wheel heating, and more.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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