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13 Cool & Modern Curly Hairstyles For Men

Gone are the days when having curly hair was considered tedious and not so cool. Modern men
nowadays are drawing toward curly hair and appreciating curly locks. They say that
maintaining curly hair is a cumbersome task, and they don’t seem attractive at all. Well, this is a
ridiculous misconception. Curly hair is as good as straight hair. The thing is that you require the
right way to adorn it in your head. 
If you are a man with curly hair looking to style them adorably and temptingly, follow our guide
here. We have curated the best 13 curly hairstyles for men to draw inspiration from and to get
luscious, handsome curls that will rock your look. 

Curly Mid Fade


A curly mid fade lies between a high fade and a low fade. In this, your curls are on the top of
your head, and the remaining sides are well-tapered. The mid fade gives more volume to your
head’s top, eventually giving a sophisticated look. Also, you don’t have to spend much time
grooming your hair. For a formal look, style your curls by pushing them back, or you can lose
them when heading towards an informal place. 

Curly Low Fade


Curly low fade involves having shorter hair at the back and sides. For men with curls; this
hairstyle is much more gorgeous, where the head’s top portion has more hair, giving a dramatic
look to you. This hairstyle is simple, so you can wear it every day and in various settings. It is
also effortless to maintain, but you may have to visit your barber from time to time for perfect

Curly Fringe


For men with very thick hair, curly fringe is a must-try. It looks fantastic when you mold your
thick hair into a fringe, making it captivating to the eyes. Use a pomade while styling the hair,
and apply some hair spray to keep everything in position. 
Curly Faux Hawk


A much more dramatic and perfect hairstyle, the curly faux hawk is ideal for all those curly hair
men out there. Unlike other hairstyles, where the sides and back are clean-shaven, and the top
is voluminous with hair, this hairstyle offers something different.
In this, the sides of your hair are cut short, and the top of the head includes more hair. It gives a
handsome and alluring appearance, making you look younger than your actual self. You can
make different proportions of the top hair by giving more volume to the front for an edgy look. 

Curly Curtains


In a curtain haircut, you need to part your fringe in the middle or side. The curtain hairstyle is
gaining popularity these days and suits your hair well. Curly curtains look even more gorgeous
when paired with a fade, thus giving a masculine appearance. Wash your hair and use a
texturizing spray for an over-all enticing appearance. 

Curly Undercut


This military-inspired hairstyle looks gorgeous on men with any length of curly hair. In this, you
give an undercut to your curls. The sides are left short, and the top of the head has more hair.
This way, you only handle the coils of your head’s top. This hairstyle makes your hair appear
more voluminous. You can have an undercut of any length that suits your face type. 

Messy Curls


Messy curls are another great option for men who prefer loose and unstructured hair. It is one
of the hottest hairstyles for men with long hair. While it seems like maintaining messy curls is
relatively easy; however, it’s not true.
You might take time to achieve the perfect messy curls for you. Things can get easier with a
styling foam or mousse that will set your curls in whichever way you want. If styled perfectly,
messy curls ace your look, making you a hunky gentleman. 

Curly Pompadour


This hairstyle emerged and has been very popular since the fifties. If you want a simple yet
sleeky hairstyle, then a pompadour is worth adding to your list. It looks better when you shape
your natural curls into a pompadour. It keeps your hair in place, giving a catchy and bold look. If
you want to make a fashion statement, you should go for a pompadour. 

Curly Bowl Cut


The bowl cut has been smooth and perfect for straight hair guys, but modern bowl cuts are now
a step ahead. Nowadays, curly hair men are also going for a bowl cut. They rock this style with
their curly locks along with a low undercut. The hair on your top sits evenly with the bangs and
gives you a stunning and carefree appearance. 

Curly Hard Part


For an edgy and statement look, opt for a curly hard part. In this, a shaving line is created on
your hair that separates your hair into various sections. It thus gives a sharp appearance that
matches perfectly with the aesthete and charm of your textured curls. If you want to reflect
and highlight a part of your hair, go for a curly hard part, and nail your look. 

Curly Side Part


This haircut was a popular trend in the twenties and forties and is one of the most iconic
hairstyles of all time. Men with curly hair are well suited to it and get a vintage aesthetic with
this style. The side part of curly hair looks voluminous and deep, giving a smooth finish to your
curls. Part your hair in a way that adapts to your natural hairstyle and experiences a feeling of
retro revival. 

Curly Mullet


Mullet dates back from the 80s and is the preferred choice of modern men. If you want to do
something different than the standard beauty levels set by society, consider getting a mullet
haircut. This one is a very controversial haircut, and only men with high confidence can pull it
In this hairstyle, your hair is kept short at the sides and top and longer at the back. It gives an
eye-catchy and dramatic personality to you. Any hair texture can get mullet, but the levels go
even higher when a mullet is styled on curly hair. 

Curly Blowout


Sometimes loose hair is also good. Those men who want to set their hair free and are not
interested in styling them regularly can go for a blowout. You can achieve this style by heating
your hair to dry them after a wash. It gives your hair a messy look, and this accentuates your
appearance. However, if you go for this style regularly, your curls may end up getting dry and

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