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11 Best Oculus Quest 2 Puzzle VR Games

Games that focus on puzzle-solving have lasting appeal. However far gaming technology advances, and even if designers are able to build massive open worlds that can be explored for hundreds of hours, there will always be a place for restricted puzzle games. A puzzle game’s delight, which may be achieved by brilliant design rather than expensive creation, might make it difficult to beat, regardless of money.

VR provides a brand-new and revolutionary way to enjoy video games. Every kind of game, from shooters to action, seems tailor-made for virtual reality and is a blast to play. In any case, who knew that puzzle games would be so popular? There are a lot of fun problem-solving games for virtual reality. Now, let’s take a look at the top games in this genre so you may play your favourite detective character while channelling your inner Sherlock.

Last modified by Jack Pursey on October 15, 2022. Many people picture fast-paced sports games or action-packed shooters when they think about virtual reality’s potential. However, puzzle games have proven to be quite popular on VR, with the futuristic technology’s capabilities opening up infinite possibilities for groundbreaking puzzle games that are extremely satisfying, wholly engrossing, and will undoubtedly last for years to come. This list of top puzzle games for Oculus Quest 2 has been updated to include even more excellent products.

11. A Fisherman’s Tale

If you’re looking for a good puzzle game on Quest 2, go no further than A Fisherman’s Tale. Innerspace VR created and published this game for PS4, PC, and Mac in 2019.

The player assumes the role of a fisherman on a shoreline that more closely resembles a side coast, complete with a lighthouse and boats. The game’s gameplay separates it from the rest of the pack, while taking place in a magically recursive and repetitious universe. Those who choose to read this will definitely have a good time.

10. Cubism

Although at first glance cubism appears easy, it quickly proves to be a formidable challenge for even the most skilled artists. The object of the game is straightforward: transform the jumbled forms into something presentable.

The calming atmosphere and music in this game make it ideal for relaxation and stress relief. Thomas Van Bouwel, the game’s creator, is responsible for making a fantastic virtual reality (VR) game. Currently, Cubism may be played on PCs running Microsoft Windows or the Meta Quest 2 platform.

9. Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 2’s bright, cartoony characters will entice everyone to give it a go. Here are some reasons why this game is awesome for those of you who are still on the fence. This independent release is an escape-room inspired comic adventure. The objective is to explore the various settings, find a path forward, and aid in the recovery of a stolen treasure.

There are a wide variety of actions and decisions that players must do in order to progress through the game. The game’s special setting is what makes it so entertaining and humorous to play.

8. Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places, like Cubism, is a great way to unwind and enjoy a clean, calming experience. But unlike Cubism, it doesn’t mandate the use of cubes. Instead, the focus of Puzzling Places is on puzzles that feature miniature versions of real-world sites. Places like the Biarritz Lighthouse, the Basque Coast, Kushi Yaki, Le Mont Saint Michel, and the Upper Vestibule are just a few examples.

The temples and monasteries that are the epitome of Zen may be found in the Armenia Pack. The high level of realism of the miniatures adds a new dimension to the game’s appeal and allows players a glimpse into the incredible world of miniature construction.

7. Tetris Effect

When Tetris was initially released in 1984, all you had to do to win was line up identical blocks of blocks. Tetris Effect is based on the same concept, but it is far more refined and fantastic in the virtual reality setting.

Tetris Effect aims to soothe players with its soothing atmosphere and soundtrack while they work to rack up points by lining up identical squares. The game’s single-player mode is solid, but the game’s multiplayer mode and local co-op are particularly strong additions that fit in well with the Tetris formula. Tetris Effect has received a “Overwhelmingly Positive” review score on Steam as of this writing.

6. A Rogue Escape

To begin, the game’s fundamental premise is unchanged. In order to advance to the next level, players must find a means of escape by resolving challenging riddles inside a certain setting. The setting and attention to detail, though, are what set this apart. This game is much more cohesive than others since it combines strategy, a compelling story, and excellent design. The problems and events of A Rogue Escape are not chosen at random. Instead, everything is geared toward a single goal: getting off Earth.

5. I Expect You To Die 2

Countless video makers from all around the world have used I Expect You To Die in their videos, making it a veritable YouTube classic. Why? This Bond-themed game is intriguing, humorous, and easy to pick up and play.

The second instalment of the series raises the stakes, encouraging players to complete more absurd objectives in order to unveil the secret. There are a number of perilous tasks throughout the game that players must accomplish using their telekinetic abilities. The only important thing for players to keep in mind is to stay alive.

4. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

The comedy and riddles in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs are fantastic. The goal of the game is straightforward: utilise the birds to destroy the pigs’ structures. Players will have a great time using a slingshot to take out the birds and watching the oink towers collapse before their eyes in this game. The augmented reality version of Isle of Pigs is just as entertaining as the original. However, the Virtual Reality (VR) release is the superior option because of how well it controls.

3. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Game critics agree that The Room VR: A Dark Matter is the best Crossword Puzzle Clue game for PC, receiving “Overwhelmingly Positive” scores from critics everywhere. This mysterious adventure game first appeared in 2020 on several platforms. Meta Quest 2 is one such system, since the game may be played on its own without any additional software. The Room VR: A Dark Matter, which can be downloaded in under three minutes and has a 2.5-gigabyte install size, features a mystery that begins in 1908 and gameplay that is rich in detail. It’s without a doubt one of the most entertaining and stunning VR puzzle games out there.

2. Superhot VR

Superhot VR is one of the most forward-thinking games on our list, and that’s saying a lot. The game by Superhot Team mixes puzzle and first-person shooter elements, an unusual combination that could have been a disaster if not handled well. The game’s deft integration of these disparate styles, however, makes for an engaging adventure that requires players to rely on their wits rather than their fists for survival.

Following its 2016 PC debut, Superhot has seen ports to several more platforms, thanks to its financial and critical success. These platforms include Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and of course, Oculus Quest 2.

1. Myst

Originally launched in 1993, Myst has been re-released for virtual reality headsets in 2021. Myst held the title of best-selling PC game for a long time, but in 2000, The Sims from Electronic Arts passed it.

The game’s high degree of difficulty remains unchanged, making a notepad and pencil nearly required for winning the game without the help of a guide, but the game’s graphics and playability have been improved over the years in the game’s multiple re-releases, making it a delight to play today.

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