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A leather bomber jacket is the kind of style that is timeless. When I’m looking for a statement garment, a bomber jacket is top of my list. There’s just something about the way I feel when I wear one. The broad shoulders and relaxed fit of the sleeves makes me feel comfortable, noticed and strong as I walk down the street.

The original bomber jacket was designed for pilots in World War II, initially it was a flight jacket. It’s warm and protects you from the wind while also leaving room for you to be able to move freely. It’s for good reason that this style has never gone away. Today to create a smart casual look is very easy with bomber jacket outfits. It’s almost as versatile as a leather biker jacket or a motorcycle jacket.

Are you thinking about buying or finally wearing a leather bomber jacket? Then there’s a whole new range of styles waiting for you. It’s a great statement piece, whether it’s a black bomber jacket or a jacket in neutral colours, it’s an amazing piece of outerwear that you definitely should consider getting. This style guide will give you some pro style tips on how to wear it well.

What you’ll need to style a leather bomber jacket:

  • Your leather jacket
  • Dark-colored chinos or a pair of jeans
  • Dark-colored dress shoes, boots or sneakers
  • Collared shirts
  • T-shirts (white t-shirt, dark blue or black t-shirt)
  • Sweaters
  • Stylish belt
  • Just about anything in your closet that follows these rules

1.   Don’t be afraid of color. In the world of men’s fashions, especially leather jackets, there’s a lot of black and brown. If you’re looking for a quick way to stand out, try adding some color. A nice burgundy, navy or even white are great choices for the upcoming spring season. When you’re wearing these colorful jackets, pair them with a more neutral palette underneath, and always let the jacket be the star of your ensemble.

2.   Mix up the colors. If you decide to go with a basic black leather jacket, break up your color scheme by wearing different colors underneath. A black jacket with black jeans or black dress pants is a popular choice, but it would be better if you don’t end up wearing all black. Try wearing something colorful under the jacket. It’s better to pair a black jacket with a charcoal jean or just about any shade lighter than black. Wearing all one color can be unflattering. Try wearing a light colored sweater and layer with a colorful dress shirt. Let the shirttail hang out for a casual effect. It’s hard to outdo a black leather bomber jacket with a pair of distressed blue jeans. This classic style never goes out of fashion.

3.   Pair with a dress shirt and tie and jeans. A nice leather bomber jacket can replace a sportcoat. If you’re meeting friends for dinner or attending an outdoor event, you can pair your jacket with jeans, a casual boot and a skinny necktie for a rugged but dressy appearance. What’s nice about this look is that it’s casual and dressy at the same time, which is good for events when you don’t want to look like you tried too hard.

4.   Throw it over a white. T-shirt Bring out your inner James Dean. During the changing of the seasons, you can you may go from chilly mornings to warm afternoons and back to chilly evenings. Having a nice leather jacket to go over a basic t-shirt is a classic look that keeps you comfortable through weather changes and still looks stylish. This style goes well with blue jeans, but you can wear it over your dress pants too. A stylish belt can bring it all together. You can take this timeless jacket and mix in modern styles like skater shoes and jogger pants for an edgier look.

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