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10 Undeniable Reasons to Love QR Menu

QR menu or digital menu is the hottest thing around. It produces a more seamless and pleasant experience for your potential customers. A restaurant and coffee shop owner may be wondering why they should invest in QR menu when there are other systems available. If you already know the benefits then sign up now, otherwise here are ten reasons why you should consider using HiMenus digital menu instead of any other system.

There is no extra cost for printing

Digital Menus save restaurant a lot of money from extra costs such as printing. A business can reduce printing costs by using digital menus instead of paper menus because paper menus are usually expensive to maintain as they would need to be printed first and then have to be reprinted and updated with every minor change or wear and tear. This increases operating costs. So with HiMenus digital menu, a business could save up a lot of on printing costs.

View all changes in real-time

With HiMenus digital menu you don’t have to wait for approvals or printing to see whatever update has been done to the menu. Thanks to HiMenus digital menu, all changes can be reflected the next second after the changes have been updated.

Increase speed of service and reduced ordering time to improve customer satisfaction

HiMenus not only allows your customers to view the menu, but unlike other digital menu’s, your customer can place dine-in orders, takeaway orders, or delivery orders and call waiters after scanning the QR code which increases customer speed of service and satisfaction.

10 Undeniable Reasons to Love QR Menu

No manual errors

Unlike paper menu, there is no human error on digital menus. With HiMenus digital menu, you can be assured of no human errors and any issue that appears on creation of menu can be rectified within a second which saves time and cost when compared to a paper menu.

Provides rich multimedia content with images or videos that allows customer to make a more informed decision

The best way to attract more customers is by showing images and video of your food items to make their decisions to choose food more easily. Thanks to HiMenus digital menu, you can add videos and images for every food item available on the menu which cannot be possible with paper based menu.

Read more about HiMenus digital menu features here!

No wastage of paper

As the name suggests, digital menu avoids any wastage of paper as no printouts are being produced. With the help of digital menu, saving on paper would mean saving on operation costs.

Does not require any hardware to run on

No hardware would be needed to use a digital menu. Everyone has a mobile phone and restaurants have their own tablets. So whenever the QR codes have been scanned using the camera, the entire menu opens on the browser without the need of having any additional hardware

Can be shared across social media sites without hassle

The importance of social media to promote businesses is massive and with HiMenus digital menu, you get a link which has all the items for your restaurant and coffee shop, making it easier for you to promote your menu with a single link rather than marketing and sharing each item which in the end helps save up on marketing costs.

You can make your menu available in multiple languages

One of the valuable pros digital menu has over a traditional paper menu is the availability of menu being available in multi-languages. HiMenus digital menu provides a bonus feature of having your menu available in multi-languages to suit your customer’s and make them feel comfortable by having them view the menu in their own preferred language

You can easily add promotions or discounts, which makes it appear for all customers

If you start a promotion or run discounts without a digital menu, your staff would have to spread news about the discounts or promotions by mentioning it to every customer who arrives and this method would allow many customers to be missed but with the use of a digital menu. These offers would be visibly seen on every item once the user scans the QR code and would enable them to improve their marketing.

Wonderful right? You can easily share your menu links with auto generated links created by HiMenus on your social media accounts to reach more potential customers!  They will also help you by sharing your business with their friends by liking, commenting or even tagging other people! This helps with viral marketing! Win-win situation for your business, isn’t it?

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There’s no denying how beneficial a QR or Digital Menu can be for businesses. Restaurants and coffee shops that use QR menus have often experienced higher revenues and decreased marketing costs–and as more businesses continue to adopt this technology, we’ll likely see more positive results. From efficient interactive ordering, to increased sales conversions due to a faster ordering process, to being aesthetically pleasing, these are just some of the perks that a digital menu board can provide.

QR Menu or Digital Menu benefits both the owner and their customers, so what are you waiting for? Sign up Today on HiMenus page to register your business and get a rich multimedia digital menu created for your restaurant or coffee shop

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