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10 Things Gearheads Should Be Reminded About The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Wapcar Automotive News – It has become an accepted fact, even at Ferrari, that more practical high-performance cars outsell sports cars and supercars, which is why the automaker has based in Maranello is now encroaching into the field of SUV production. Ferrari had very few cars that could be considered practical and very comfortable mileage cars. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso added to the Ferrari lineup in 2016, is designed to fill this gap in the market. Starting at an asking price of 300,000, it’s far from the cheapest Ferrari buyers can get, but it’s well worth the hefty price tag.

GTC stands for Gran Turismo Coupé, the latter four stands for four seats and AWD system, while Lusso is the Italian word for luxury. There’s been no word from Ferrari about future production since the 2020 model year, let’s talk about 10 things speed enthusiasts forgot about the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

An attractive Oddball

The design of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is known as a shooting wagon, where the front hood looks like a coupe while the rear resembles a hatchback. Basically, it’s like a three-door wagon.

Despite the design that gives this GTC4 Lusso its odd proportions, the car is still a deadly small car that can’t be parked next to other Ferraris. Even today, its cool factor is off the charts and still attracts attention on the streets.

The classic image of Ferrari is a 2-seater supercar or hypercar that offers excitement and thrills but only for two people to sit. GTC4 Lusso is different. It includes two rear seats, which are quite comfortable for long journeys and have room for adults, not just there as a supplement to the spec sheet.

With the Ferrari Purosangue SUV not yet ready and only a handful of Ferrari four-seaters such as the Ferrari California, Ferrari Portofino and entry-level Roma, the GTC Lusso is a great choice for families looking for that distinctive roar of luxury. a wheelbarrow. Horse.

Its powerful engine(s)

The GTC4 is powered by a 681-horsepower 6.5-liter V12 that delivers 516 pound-feet of torque through a sharp and snappy seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Most impressively, 80% of that torque is available at just 1,750 rpm, making it surprisingly nimble.

The more fuel-efficient GTC4 Lusso T is equipped with a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 602 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque.

Almost perfect weight distribution

Proper weight distribution affects how quickly the vehicle can turn around corners, as it affects handling. Most front-engined high-performance sports cars using the RWD system score 50: 50 easy weight distribution very well designed.

The GTC4 Lusso AWD system is designed with a rearward offset to help it reach 48:

52, which is a very clever technique as this is a pre-set engine car using an AWD transmission with no center differential.

Performance of GTC4 Lusso

The GTC4 Lusso justified its price tag of over a quarter million dollars with outstanding performance for a GT car; the V8 version, which lacks the AWD system to get it started, can still break 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, just like the powerful V12-powered Lusso.

The difference between the two is the top speed. The lighter, RWD-only Lusso V8 can hit 199 mph, while the AWD V12 version is capable of 208 mph.

Incredible “4WD” AWD system

GTC4 Lusso 4WD AWD is an extremely complex in-house developed system. Unlike conventional four-wheel drive cars with a center differential, the GTC 4 Lusso’s four wheels are driven by two different gearboxes. The front transmission below the engine only acts as a “transmission unit” (PTU) that only works when the car is using the first four gears.

But for the most part, the GTC 4 Lusso behaves like a regular Ferrari RWD, with power sent to the rear wheels. That’s a 5 to 7 speed when the car goes 120 miles per hour. This feature makes it four-wheel drive without the usual weight penalty.

High-tech furniture

More like an epic touring car than a focused race star, the GTC4 Lusso offers passengers more connectivity and infotainment features than most Ferrari models. The dashboard features a large, modern 10.25-inch infotainment system. with audio needs supported by a JBL HD sound system.

What’s more interesting for the front passenger is the small touchscreen that acts as a supplement to the main infotainment system. To keep front passengers engaged and sharing the driving experience, it can display the driving mode, speed (by displaying a synchronized digital tachometer) and also allow them to Play with the settings and access the navigation system.

Equipped with an active rear wheel steering system

To improve the driving experience of the GTC4 Lusso, Ferrari has added another important feature: active rear-wheel steering. Its function is very simple; Adjust the rear wheel rotation angle to be uniform but in the opposite direction to the steering angle of the front wheel. This reduces the turning radius, allowing for easy 3-point turns; very practical when moving in tight parking spaces.

And because the rear wheel can also rotate in the same direction as the front wheel, this feature provides even better stability and grip at high speeds by allowing the vehicle to respond well to precise and decisive steering maneuvers. .

Aerodynamic characteristics

The GTC4 Lusso’s carbon fiber kit (optional) features aerodynamic elements that not only make it impressive, but also a more attractive canyon carver. These include a front splitter capable of sniffing the pavement, a spoiler on the trunk lid (above the taillights) and an additional spoiler above the rear window.

He also spotted carbon fiber parts just below the quad tailpipes and a giant diffuser to improve downforce and rear traction. In addition, part of the package includes cool side shields that can be used for aero benefits and styles.

Ferrari FF’s successor

Ferrari FF is considered the successor model of Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. And it’s easy to spot the similarities that underpin this in the overall design language. A closer look, however, reveals subtle differences, including a redesigned front grille, new roof spoiler, new diffuser and twin circular taillights.

In many areas, the GTC4 Lusso corrected many of the shortcomings of the FF, such as rough and brittle driving, less fuel economy, and less power output when using the same engine. The changes certainly justified the new name, but thanks to its stature as Maranello’s first all-wheel drive four-seater, the FF’s place in Ferrari’s history books is certainly assured.

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