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10 Reasons to Study MBA from IGNOU In 2022

Master of Business Administration is one of the highly demanding programs out there as it is preferred by most of the young minds today for making their career in the field of management and corporate sector. Students generally ask one question, “Can I pursue MBA from IGNOU for a good career,” “Can IGNOU MBA After a normal bachelor’s degree is good for career scope.” If you are one of them with such types of queries, then we will let you know why you should choose MBA as a career scope.

There is no doubt that the Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the premier educational hubs of the country for distance and open learning is provided here through the School of Management Studies, IGNOU. It has dedicated and hard-working teachers that create a perfect platform for the students to study management programs and to get good career scope after completing the program. 

If you also want to choose a Management degree (MBA) after your bachelor’s degree, then read these points to know more:

  • Upgrade Your Personality 

An MBA degree helps candidate enhance their professionalism and prepare them for various opportunities in the corporate world. In an MBA degree program, candidates learn various skills like communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills etc. 

  • Good Salary Packages

Students who enter the professional world get a good salary package after completing the MBA program. The pay package is high as compared to general PG programs. IGNOU provide good career scope to the candidates through the Central Placement Cell of the varsity. Many companies visit the university for placement rounds and to provide glorious opportunities to the students in the form of job scopes in various departments and fields. 

  • Global Opportunities

Candidates with the Master of Business Administration get various opportunities globally with good offers and packages. Candidates can easily get jobs both in India and abroad as the degree is completely valid for all types of job opportunities 

  • Flexibility 

Nowadays, an MBA degree is also offered with quality education under Open and Distance learning mode. So, candidates, especially those working somewhere, can enhance their career after completing the course. So, the course provides the flexibility of pursuing an MBA along with jobs. 

IGNOU MBA is popular for providing top-notch flexibility to students. Candidates can easily do their professional work along with its online and distance MBA. They can do other programs side by side with IGNOU MBA. 

  • Develop Skills

With an MBA, students get management and corporate skills that help them improve their personality for career advancement. Candidates of IGNOU get a good platform to develop various types of necessary skills to boost their careers in a very favourable way. They learn various necessary skills like leadership skills, skills related to management, operational skills, team building skills, communication skills etc. 

  • Opportunity to Meet Corporate Professionals 

Candidates for MBA get more opportunities to meet expert panels on corporate affairs and management roles. They learn various skills and knowledge from their experiences. 

Students of MBA get the opportunity to create a perfect bonding with corporate and managerial professionals. These things help in creating a perfect network that helps them in the long run. 

  • Start Your Own Business 

After a bachelor’s degree in hand, you can choose an MBA, then starting a business is very easy. You can become your own boss by becoming a good entrepreneur. After completing the MBA degree program from the School of Management Studies, candidates can easily start their own business venture and they can easily become their own boss. 

  • Multiple Career Options

Candidates can choose any specialization at the MBA degree level. They can become good managers and corporate professionals. There are many career options open for MBA candidates like an HR manager, financial manager, marketing manager etc. 

  • Good Placement Scope

Students with MBA get a best-in-class placement that’s why management programs are highly preferred by students. 

A large number of IGNOU students are placed in multiple positions in various companies with good salary packages. The placement record is very good for IGNOU CPC and its students. 

  • Get Reputation and Personal Growth

Many students choose MBA after BTech or any other bachelor’s degree program because it provides fame and reputation to the students with good personal growth. 

Students can easily choose a management degree program in the form of an MBA. Students get various opportunities, good placement, reputation and skill-enhancing teachings at MBA levels that are good for the career scope of the students. 

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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