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10+ iPhone App Development Tools to Make Awesome iOS Apps


Businesses understand how important it is to be near their consumers. Additionally, the clients’ iPhone app development agency is closest to them.

Businesses may reach their clients as closely as possible by using smartphones. The quickest method for companies to broaden their clientele and ultimately boost revenue is through mobile applications.

1. Swift (Programming Language)

Swift is a potent core programming language from Apple that was first launched in 2014. Compared to languages like C, Java, and C++, it is still relatively young.

Therefore, it has some powerful advanced capabilities. The goal of Swift is to make coding simpler to read and write. Swift has several features, including:

  • sophisticated control flow
  • the language that is type-safe and memory-safe
  • automatically managing memory
  • efficient handling of errors
  • Programming using functions
  • allows for inferred types

2. Objective-C (Programming Language)

Steve Jobs’ first choice of language, Objective-C, is a descendant of the C programming language. C’s syntax and organization are comparable to those of Objective-C. For the vast majority of developers who are already familiar with the language C, this makes this language simple to learn and master. Its main characteristics include the following:

  • An object-oriented, general-purpose language
  • Supports polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, data hiding, and inheritance.
  • Supports operator overloading and exception handling

3. Xcode (IDE & Editor)

Like Objective-C, Xcode was Apple’s first integrated development environment (IDE). Software for macOS, iOS, iPad, watchOS, and tvOS is developed using Xcode, originally made available in 2003. It offers programmers an integrated workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. For developers, learning Xcode is essential since it facilitates cross-device development. It has several modern features, including:

  • tools for instrument analysis
  • modern SDKs
  • Make your code analysis tools using SwiftUI and Interface Builder Swift, C/C++, and Objective C compilers.

4. CodeRunner(IDE & Editor)

CodeRunner is mainly helpful to developers because it can compile code. Applications that are powerful and sophisticated may be made using it.

CodeRunner is incredibly light and supports 25 programming languages. It has customizable key binding, a top-notch text editor, and an integrated console. Without changing the actual app’s code, developers may live-check bugs and design efficient code. 

5. Perfect (App Design)

Developers may execute various Flawless activities, including iOS app creation, analysis, comparison, and execution.

The developer may create dynamic designs, take animated images, and test movements and animations with this tool. Because Flawless is integrated with Xcode, developers frequently choose it. In addition to enabling long-screen designs, it supports Zeplinfiles and Quick hotkeys.

6.RxSwift (Libraries)

It is among the top library resources available. Reactive programming is the foundation of RxSwift, a framework for using the Swift programming language. Functional type operators are used in event-based and asynchronous programs by RxSwift. The application’s performance and responsiveness are enhanced using asynchronous programming. 

7. AlamoFire(Libraries)

Another library that programmers may utilize to create an iphone app development agency is AlamoFire. It is an HTTP network-based library that offers an alternative to the networking stack from Apple.

It manages web requests and answers on iOS and macOS and is entirely based on Swift. In addition to HTTP methods, it has network optimization, authentication services, serialization of JSON parameters and responses, and many more capabilities.

  1. AlamofireImage
  2. You should think about AlamofireNetworkActivityIndicatorCocoapods, SDWebimage, and PromiseKit, which all offer extensive libraries.

8. Parse (Backend Services)

An open-source platform called Parse provides a mobile backend as a service. Facebook open-sourced Parse before its termination. It has now developed into an open-source community with a blog, documentation, and discussion board of its own. Some of its backend instruments

  • the ability to integrate social media
  • Hosting and analytics for parsing
  • identities log-ins
  • Create your backend custom code.

9. RayGun(Debugging)

Web and mobile application performance is tracked and reported on by the cloud-based program Raygun. RayGun is a popular cross-device compatible tool and supports more than 30 languages and frameworks. Swift and Objective-C applications may be tracked using the Raygun4Apple library.

10. Peckham(Plugin)

Peckham is one of the most useful Xcode plugins. Because of an auto-complete function, Peckham may add and import statements.

Thanks to this functionality, a developer may use keyboard keys like command+control+p to add or import messages, headers, and other elements into the code. Several Xcode plugins are available now, and they all have cutting-edge functionality.


The iPhone app development agency industry is constantly growing, with new tools, technologies, and applications being created periodically. Keeping up with these advances is, therefore, essential.

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