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10 Free Study Accessories That Are Insanely Useful

It is no secret that your study area can make or break your learning experience. Surrounding yourself with screens or distracting stuff negatively impacts your productivity. However, a study desk decorated with useful study accessories can increase your efficiency. Here are some of the most useful study accessories that you can access for free. Pick up your favorite study tool and get it delivered to you with free shipping.

Best Free Study Accessories 

From pocket-style highlighters to super sticky notes and financial calculators, here are the best free study accessories for US students. You can get them free from SolutionInn and can boost your productivity without spending a fortune.   

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches

Do you need a tool to protect your notes, degrees, and important documents? The thermal laminating pouches are great to protect your certificates and educational materials. You can use these pouches with a laminating machine to give a clear and long-lasting laminate finish to your documents.

Dry-Erase Board Erasers

Board erasers are useful tools for students to keep their boards clean. SolutionInn offers free compact-size dry-erase board erasers that are easy to hold and use. Keep your board smudge-free and readily available to note important points. 

Dry-Erase Markers

You need a dry-erase marker for a dry-erase board, and you can get it free from the free study accessories website. These markers are great for writing and highlighting on the whiteboard or other dry surfaces. Another plus of these markets is their low-odor formula. They don’t have that typical strong chemical scent that low-quality markers have. 

Pocket Style Highlighters

Highlighters are crucial to mark important points or information on notes or textbooks. Having a highlighter in your pocket can help you in classrooms to note down lectures more effectively. The vibrant and long-lasting ink of Sharpie pocket-style highlighters helps you create clear and visible highlights.

Geometry Set

If you are studying geometry, you must have a geometry set and essential tools for measurements. Get your hands on free study accessories and a study geometry set including a compass, protractor, ruler, and other measuring tools. The set is designed for students to perform geometric measurements.

Mini Staplers

The compact size and portable mini staplers are a valuable addition to your study accessories. SolutionInn is offering free PraxxisPro Mini Staplers that have built-in stapler remover. Despite their compact size, you can use them to staple multiple sheets.

Wireless Laser Pointer

The free study accessories website is offering Targus wireless presenter laser pointer for free. Students can have this amazing tool to present more effectively. The laser pointer lets the user control presentations remotely and highlight important points with the laser pointer. Get this tool and give your presentations confidently.

Super Sticky Notes

The sticky notes are perfect study tools to note down important information, set reminders, and tag important book pages. The super sticky notes with enhanced adhesive backing stick firmly to various surfaces, ensuring you don’t lose important information. These adhesive notes are available in varying sizes, colors, and shapes allowing for easy categorization and management.

Metal Stapler

Here comes heavy-duty metal stapler that can be used for stapling, pinning, or tacking documents. Get Bostitch Office Epic All Metal 3-in-1 stapler for free and fulfill your stapling requirements. The metal construction makes these staplers durable and ensures long-lasting performance.

Financial Calculators

Get your hands on the advanced and high-quality financial calculators that are designed for business and finance students. The financial calculator manufactured by Texas Instruments BA II Plus is a valuable tool for students to perform financial calculations and statistical calculations. 

The Bottom Line

These free study accessories are insanely useful not just for students but also for professionals. Visit SolutionInn to get these accessories for free and enhance your learning experience without spending anything. 

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Ahsan Khan
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