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10 Best Minimalist Email Designs to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Checking out marketing emails, as a consumer, is such a casual task. We do that every day. But for an email marketer, the inbox is a treasure trove to find new inspirations every day and make their next campaign better than the previous one. 

Our generation is very fond of aesthetically pleasing content. We see it around us, over social media, reels, and shorts, and get a hold of it. 

That’s why it becomes a necessity to offer the same experience to the eyes of your email subscribers through beautiful emails. And luckily, Mailchimp templates have helped marketers in making their job easier. 

Minimalism is about using simpler forms and fewer colors in designs to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Embodying the “less is more” philosophy, minimalism took ground in the early 1960s, but continues to be in vogue to date.

Minimalist designs have made their way through not just logos and webpages, but even emails, as more and more marketers have been incorporating minimalistic approaches in their designs to effectively target their audiences. 

So, after going through hundreds of email designs, we have handpicked the best 10 minimalistic emails from which you can take inspiration for your campaigns. 

Let’s dive right in. 

  1. Adobe 

Subject: Create hypnotic animated illustrations with Creative Cloud 

Create hypnotic animated illustrations with Creative Cloud from Adobe – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails 

To begin, there is a lot of white space and other design elements that give the page a fresh, uncluttered, and minimalistic look. 

The selection of a restrained color palette—mostly gentle pastel tones—contributes not only to the aesthetic value of the work but also to the air of effortless sophistication. 

This minimalist email successfully combines clear and engaging subtle animation with clear and concise copywriting to provide readers with a satisfying and immersive experience. 

  1. McDonald’s

Subject: FREE Large Fries now—even more Fries in the future.

FREE Large Fries now—even more Fries in the future. from McDonald’s – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails 

This minimal design is both visually beautiful and interesting. The email’s header is bright and eye-catching, depicting a mountain of hot, crispy fries, which is the offer. 

At first, it talks about redeeming points to get free fries, then it shows exactly how to get those points. 

It required every call-to-action to be on point, and Mcdonald’s did exactly that. The font style is bold and big to highlight the obvious. 

  1. Airbnb

Subject: What’s new? Oh, only everything 

What’s new? Oh, only everything from Airbnb – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails

This is a very subtle yet interesting way to announce the new features of Airbnb. There is less clutter, and the layout has plain blocks one after the other. 

The headings are bold, and the body, too, has the same font to maintain consistency, which is very unique about this email design. 

The use of pictures is very aptly done, along with an ample amount of whitespaces. They highlighted call-to-action buttons to help it stand out. 

  1. Nike 

Last-minute win: Nike gift cards

Last-minute win: Nike gift cards from Nike – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails

The product is given prominence by the use of negative space, straightforward design, and a limited color palette. 

Nike uses a contemporary and legible font, making the writing approachable in all-black. 

The brand’s image of sophistication and elegance is reflected in the effect of the minimalist design. 

The template is straightforward and user-friendly, directing the focus of the reader straight to the most crucial details and calls to action. 

Pre-built Mailchimp templates offer similar designs which you can browse through and select one as per your requirement.


Subject: adidas: the new and most wanted

adidas: the new and most wanted from SOLETRADER – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails 

Adidas has really done a great job of showing how to describe its products in a clear and crisp presentation. There is a lot of empty space around the text and images, which gives them a minimalistic view, amplifying the template’s readability and appeal.

The placement of call-to-action buttons is very cleverly done, allowing the users to scroll through. 

The email successfully combines visuals with text to convey a compelling and useful message. A sense of joy and celebration is conveyed via the splashes around the shoes. That will certainly grab your attention in one look. 

  1. Warby Parker 

Subject: Sunglasses, to your specifications

The layout is minimal and straightforward. The copywriting is exact and to the point. The message of customization is conveyed perfectly, thanks to the block design of the layout. 

The image cutout leaves a lot of whitespaces, thereby giving a clear view of the copy written under it. It makes you stop and ponder for a while. 

The use of personalization and segmentation of the information into blocks stand out as being more thoughtfully crafted and engaging to the recipients. 

The call-to-action buttons are consistent with the color palettes. 

  1. Apple 

Subject: Introducing the new MacBook

Introducing the new Macbook from Apple – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails

Apple has long been among the leading pioneers of minimalist design and this email exemplifies just that. A single-line copy describing the product features is also convincing. The use of visually arresting images piques the interest of the reader and strikes with curiosity. 

The email also features prominent CTAs that direct recipients to the product’s information page and checkout. 

  1. Bose 

Subject: Better together | Save on select bundles 

Better together | Save on select bundles from Bose – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails

This email is a perfect example of keeping things minimalistic, yet effective. The use of contrast with just two colors, black and white, is exemplary. 

The deal and the call to action buttons are highlighted using prominent typefaces to grab the reader’s attention. The writing is snappy and interesting, drawing attention to the sale’s benefits and encouraging readers not to look anywhere else. Visually appealing and informative, product photos show exactly what’s for sale and what it looks like. 

  1. Twitter 

Subject: Retention Email Design from Twitter 

Retention Email Design from Twitter from Twitter – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails 

For users who haven’t logged in to Twitter on their browser in a while, this minimalist email is an excellent way to direct them to Twitter’s app. 

The design is short and effective and serves its purpose. 

  1. Google 

Subject: Introducing Pixel Fold 

Introducing Pixel Fold from Google – Desktop Email View | Really Good Emails

Google has created a masterpiece. 

No, we’re not talking about the phone here. 

Look at this email design for Pixel Fold. It has a straightforward design with eye-catching visuals that highlight the product’s best qualities. 

For example, the picture with water droplets all over it tells you the whole story. 

Every image tells you about this product’s unique features. 

The email’s typography is fresh and legible; headings and subheadings stand out and make it easy to skim. The call-to-action button is placed thoughtfully and uses a contrasting blue color to draw attention to itself. When it comes to showcasing a product in an engaging and visually appealing way, this email design is second to none. 

Key Takeaways 

What other top brands are standing apart in users’ inboxes? What other designs are doing well for brands? All this and more we talk about in our blogs. Sign up if you haven’t yet, and never miss any important updates. We love talking about emails that get us thinking!

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